Ever thought about buying a gopro?

Have you ever thought about buying a gopro? I love my gopro and I just made a video about what REALLY makes a gopro magical. Let me know what you think.


  • BobDiMarzio
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    I really like the images you were able to get with the "daughter cam"  I have a 3+ and a 4 that I also use in a karma grip.     I agree I like have a camera that I don't worry about in the elements.  Whether I attach it to a PVC pole to film fish and turtles in the pond or attach it ti the car hood.  etc. Are they good for everything?  No.   Are they a useful tool? yes.  Are there a ton of tutorials to help blend the footage to match others cameras? Yes.  Will I buy the 6? no.

  • Bry_man
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    yeah I bought one, going to the states soon and cant wait to use at the water parks etc

    I cant get over how small and light it is and best of all is the great quality

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    @StorminMormon05 Very eloquent review and testimonial to Gopro.  Makes me want one.

    @Bry_man I hope your trip is heading to the southern or southwest parts of the US.  Here in the Midwest, we just had our last little bit of summer and temp have dropped.  I noticed the fall colors starting to change on the tress today.  Water parks here will be a chilling adventure :)

  • @tddavis thanks man I appreciate the feedback as usual.

    @bobdimarzio I don't think I'll be getting the hero6 either unless they come out with some trade in program or something. It's too similar to the hero5 for me, they really only added slomo capabilities. 

  • NormanPCN
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    The kid cam is too cute.

    GoPro's have been my only reason to video. I've got a Black 3 and 3+. GoPro's attached to a mountain bike. 

    The biggest thing that sucks with a mounted first person view is that the ultra wide angle really flattens the terrain. The lower the better. A mount next to the tire works but the tire blocks some view. A rear facing under seat mount looks good.

    The mount has to be really solid. The standard GoPro mounts don't quite cut it. Lucky for me, we had a MTB buddy who machined custom stem plates and 3D printed GoPro mounts to that stem plate. Rock solid. These days you can buy good stuff.

    Stabilization is kinda a given. It must be balanced between conveying the trail surface and video smoothness to actually see the surface.

  • @normanpcn 3d printed gopro mounts?! That sounds awesome! 

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    Bought my son a GoPro a few years back. Convinced him to send it to LEO. Never saw it again. :-)

  • NormanPCN
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    The stem mount was originally designed for Cosmo's custom machined crazy night riding lights. (done on a manual mill!) The "Rubix" is shown. It needed something solid with its heft.

    Then when we got into GoPro's he designed a mount to hold a standard GoPro tripod mount. Green shown with housing attached. A standard ebay purchase/thing. For good measure he added a Garmin GPS mount at the end. The GPS mount is broken on the black one. 3D print strength defect.

  • @normanpcn that's  awesome man. Cool ideas!