Graphics Card Question for Incoming Win10 computer

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This is what's coming in. Don't know if it will run Hitfilm Pro 2017 or not, but I hope it will.  BUT it's only got integrated graphics. What graphics card should I get and are there any additional things I need to add (another hard drive, more RAM, what) or should I just figure this is going to be a surf the internet computer? (It's coming brand new from a friend, so I can't really bitch too much, right?)

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    Welcome back, Dawn. It's been a while since we've seen you.

    Nah, that system has a lot of potential!

    The GPU is arguably the most important element, with CPU being second. It's a great CPU.

    For Nvidia, get a 1060, 1070 or 1080, depending on your budget. The 1080 is the most powerful, the 1070 is the sweet spot in power/price ratio.

    I'll let the AMD fans make recommendations for the Radeons.

    As far as the rest of the machine goes, I'll leave it to the experts if your power supply is good.

    More RAM is always nice, but 16GB is fine. Upgrade optional, with the main advantages being more RAM preview buffer and potentially smoother performance with multiple software packages open (say Hitfilm AND a photo editor).

    More storage is always better, but again, that depends on budget. Hard drive and SSDs get cheaper all the time and are pretty easy to upgrade. 

    Prioritize the GPU for now and you'll have a pretty sweet rig. Update your RAM and storage at your leisure. Btw, if you are unaware, you can get external casings for HDDs and SSDs for $20-30. So, if you replace an internal drive you can convert the old drive to an external. Nothing wasted! 

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    Okay. Cool. Thanks for your help once again, @Triem23 . I'll look into another NVidea then. I have one on the Win7 machine that presently runs Hitfilm Pro 2017 without a hitch and it's a lower number than is recommended and does fine for some reason. And my renders happen in a third to half the time of the estimates, so something that says it will take 30 minutes takes between 10 and 12 minutes. I was so hoping this machine would do even half as well, and maybe it can, despite running Win10. One doesn't look a gift pig in the snoot, though, and, even though I wasn't in the market for a new computer, here one comes.  This one is going in the sound studio if it will work for HitFilm ...which will, hopefully, make things easier.

    I haven't been around much because I got really, really sick with Swine Flu at the beginning of June. It lasted three solid months. I'm finally getting over the hacking cough. Husband got it and Mom got it. Husband's lasted for 3 months, too. Mom got what amounted to a cold. The illness forced me to dump my livestock. I couldn't handle all the workload. So, no more cows or pigs and only one horse and some chickens, now.

    In other news, I now have a digital grand in the studio, which is going to add to my music practice load. And I bought myself my much-desired Haynes (flute) and it's absolutely awesome.

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    Ugh. Sorry you've all been ill!

    Side note: render estimates are made based on the CURRENT frame, assuming constant throughput. Odd thing is many videos front-load the heavy effects; titles, lower thirds, etc, with the middle often being simpler. One sees the initial estimate, based on the effects heavy intro, and wanders off for tea, food or other activities. On return, well, the render finished faster than expected! 


  • DLKeur
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    Well, that's good to know. I had a friend over who's one of those video people like you, @Triem23 . He played with Hitfilm on my comp and was absolutely impressed with the speed of render when he put together an effects heavy thing using the particle simulator (something I'm still struggling to even get to work, mind you.) He used some of my space ships and materials, did this space battle - 15 minutes of video ... and then expected it to take at least a couple of hours to render. It was done in 32 minutes and some. He was like, "Wow!" Don't know if he went home and bought Hitfilm, but I hope so.

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    AMD "fan" note - I'm sure I'll get blasted for this but stick to Nvidia for now. Cryptocurrency miners are still gobbling up AMD cards making the prices artificially high. I've had an 8GB RX-580 on back order since June 10 of this year and the only way I can get one right now is if I'm willing to pay $100.00 more than the backorder price.

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    Well, now you have to share this battle... 32 minute render? Nice. 

  • NormanPCN
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    "...render estimates are made based on the CURRENT frame..."

    Simple moving average maybe?

  • Triem23
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    @NormanPCN I've oversimplified  a bit. I think it might be a moving average, but, again, a lot of videos front-load the complex stuff, then get lower resource. No one sits and watches the render bar* so later estimates are often missed.

    Using a Hit-U tutorial as an example (although I finish those in Vegas), the fades, dissolves and lower thirds at the beginning render somewhat slowly (Vegas guessing two hours), but, once it gets into the tutorial screencap it speeds up a lot (suddenly the estimate drops to about 40 minutes). Anytime I bring in text or speed up a clip I see some slowdown (estimate goes back up to an hour), then it picks up again. Usually the actual render time is about 45 minutes.

    Either way, whether Hitfilm, Vegas, Premiere, Avid, etc, that render estimate is usually wrong.

    *Ok, I'VE sat and watched the render bar. It's a bit like watching paint dry. 

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    I'd love to share it, @Triem23 , but he took it with him, and I didn't save a copy, I'm afraid.  I don't keep other peeble's work, though, I guess I should have, since he used my models and materials ...and my computer. :D

    @Aladdin4d , I like AMD graphics cards, actually. I don't like NVidea as a company. They're too intrusive on my Win7. Try to install a lot of duns in order to get what they say is the latest, greatest update/upgrade, updates that usually mess up, and then I have to revert to the older driver until they send the fix in, usually, a few days. They're tiresome. Very. But it's probably just me. I don't like all the glitz and pop, fizz, and dazzle BS.  I've never had that problem with AMD cards, but, then, the one computer with one on that's hooked to the internet is probably so has-been, they don't bother with driver updates. (We're talking Vista, here, so it's rather a dinosaur by computer standards ...but still running strong as ever, knock on wood (using my head). 

    Oh, and, ah, @Triem23 ? I will watch the render bar when its estimate is, like 3 minutes and change, so don't feel alone, there. I don't watch paint dry, though, so I'm unfamiliar if the experience is similar. :D

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    I, too, have been known to watch the render bar if it's only a couple of minutes...

  • DLKeur
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    Okay. I am now back online, and I'm using the new Win10 computer. Tried using Hitfilm with the onboard graphics and, yes, it works, even running 32 video tracks and one 24-48 .wav file simultaneously in preview at Full. Got a new 8GB GDDR5 graphics card coming in, but it won't be here until the middle of the month. I went for AMD, because, a call to NVidea got me "RUDE". If they care that little about their customers, then, well, I'll go with AMD, thanks. I may be sorry, but, gawd, I hate people that are rude to me in customer service/Sales.

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    AMD should be fine I have used both over the years and apart from the odd feature both seem to do the job.

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    Here's the odd feature I don't like about NVidea ...aside for their twitchy, gamer-oriented customer service/sales, rude [expletive omitted]s who don't know [expletive-omitted] about people who actually do work for a living: They are always coming up on my task bar about new this-es and new that-ses in their mug-ugly neon green on black hyper-glyphs. Grrrr. They need to back TF off unless it's a new driver KNOWN to be compatible with my Win7 system. 

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