Very slow and alot of lag.

Hey. Installed the Hitfilm 4 express today, and it seems great.. BUT..

I was going to try it out and noticed that the clips i was adding, became veery slow in both the ''trimmer screen'' and the one on the other side. First i was going to trim my video using the trimmer option. To do that i thought i was going to view the video until the part i wanted to start on. But, it was impossible. The sound comes first, and the footage comes lagging, jumping 2-3 seconds between every image that poppes up. (I'm a really bad explainer, but if you dont understand, just ask me and i'll try to describe it more exact). The footage is a MP4 file. Is this lag because hitfilm do not support it? Do i have to convert it to any other, like mp3, avi or wmv?


  • TotopoCraft
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    First of all, tell us what your specs are? Your CPU, GPU, Operating system, RAM, etc.

    Also, you should try to look at the frame rate of your file. Chances are you are working with a different frame rate in your project. 

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