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I am very new to hitfilm Express and i wanted to make a video with it. so i thought well all i have to do is film the video import the video and well edit it with the knowledge i gained form youtube. but its not that simple i filmed imported then set my in and out on my clip then put draged it down to the video line thing. it went there it paused loaded up the images on the line then it freezed. and starts to give me the not responding error when i try to click on buttons. and yes some times it does come back give me control but if i even dare to click on anything it goes into non responding mode.

i dont have the best computer for editing. yes its a very good gaming pc but not a good editing one. it only has about 8gb's of ram and its GPU is meant for gaming and does not have much ram.

here are its specs.

OS:    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

CPU:    Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz

RAM:     8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1063MHz (yes i know not alot)

MB:     Alienware Alienware 17 R3 (it is a alienware laptop)

GPU:    3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M ( i use this one)

and Intel HD Graphics 530

Storage:  119GB SAMSUNG SSD CM871 M.2 2280 128GB

and   931GB Hitachi HGST

also the file i am using is 

29.2 GB and is 00:47:10 in length and is 1920 by 1080 that is AVI

it is a very big file. but i have done this before with other editors and they all worked fine. should i recored in MP4? 

but that is my problem really hope i can get some help this program is really my only option. 

thank you in advance.







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    Intel Core i7 6700HQ
    GTX 970M

    "Not a good editing one"



    Anyways, as always on here, please post your Mediainfo report of the clip that you're trying to use in HitFilm.

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    First, check this out. See if this helps. 


    Secondly, like CNK said, you'll probably want to give a MediaInfo report on your source files. Of you don't know MediaInfo it's covered about 19 minutes into this video.

    (keep that video handy--we might refer you back to it)

    Third, where are your video files kept? Is that an internal or external hard drive (can you get an exact model number? I'm wondering if it's a 5400rpm or 7200rpm drive).

    Finally, CNK um'd at you because your rig is actually pretty good. Hitfilm is actually optimized for gaming cards. A 970m isn't blazing, but it's not slow. It's pretty "average" for 2017 standards. 

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    i have restarted my comp and it has now worked it is very laggy and i have to wait a good 10-20 for it to do a editing task - spliting and cuting it also is qutie laggy when showing the video even at a quarter that might be usaual but still saying it just in case.  and thank you for telling me my GPU will work for hitfilm. and it is a 7200 rpm drive.

    thank you for the help and support im happy to see a very helpful community.

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    Oh, take a look at the FAQ link in my above post. That covers a known software conflict specific to Hitfilm and Dell/Alienware computers.

    Otherwise a MediaInfo report will tell us all we could want to know about your source video (covered at 19 min or so in the linked video).

    Video is complex and there are a lot of things that can cause slowdown from file format to windows/driver issues to hardware bottlenecks and, yes, a couple of areas where it's just Hitfilm being slow. We'll try to figure it out.

    I suspect we'll end up suggesting file splitting and/or transcoding (the video above covers four different, free, programs for transcoding). Some file formats perform better than others (if you want information on that, watch the first 19 minutes of the linked video above--see, I said we might refer back to it!), and NLEs in general like smaller files... Splitting a file into 4GB chunks can improve performance over a single 30GB file. 

  • thank you and how would you go about spliting up your file is there and fast way to do this


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    i cant seem to find a way to have the program work with me i have restarted my computer 3 times and still tends to spend now over 3 minutes to just move the frame im looking at . i really dont know what to do i cant edit if it takes me over 10 minutes to cut a clip. right now i may have to find a alternative but thanks for the help.

    i will be working to see if I can make it work and find ways to make it easier to edit.

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    @DaSavageking As previously stated/requested a MediaInfo report can help us understand exactly what type of media file you are trying to use.

    In Hitfilm, often AVI files (Video for Windows) do not perform as well as other formats. Maybe/Probably not to the extent you are reporting but just an FYI.

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    Yeah, gotta go with Norman here. PLEASE do what has already been suggested. There is a known potential software conflict on your system, I've given you the link to see the instructions to resolve it. Knowing what type of file you have will tell us a lot, and the video I've linked happens to cover the software you'd need to split your files.

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    How exactly would I send a media file report

    liie just copy and paste the entire page of what it says?



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  • Format : AVI
    Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
    Format profile : OpenDML
    File size : 29.3 GiB
    Duration : 47 min 10 s
    Overall bit rate : 88.8 Mb/s

    ID : 0
    Format : FICV
    Codec ID : FICV
    Duration : 47 min 10 s
    Bit rate : 87.3 Mb/s
    Width : 1 920 pixels
    Height : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate : 60.000 FPS
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.702
    Stream size : 28.8 GiB (98%)

    ID : 1
    Format : PCM
    Format settings : Little / Signed
    Format settings, Endianness : Little
    Format settings, Sign : Signed
    Codec ID : 1
    Duration : 47 min 10 s
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 1 536 kb/s
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Sampling rate : 48.0 kHz
    Bit depth : 16 bits
    Stream size : 518 MiB (2%)
    Alignment : Aligned on interleaves
    Interleave, duration : 10 ms (0.60 video frame)


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    @DaSavageking I'm not familiar with the Mirillis FICV proprietary codec. So I have no idea how it performs.

    60 fps video is higher overhead to edit but I don't think that would contribute to some of your reports.

    I know Video for Windows (VfW) in Hitfilm has performance issues and it/they might be compounded by a massive file. I'll have to put together a VfW BigA file test using something like MagicYUV which I have and see what happens and report back.

    As for potential Dell/Alienware issues I cannot comment.

    As for alternate screen capture software to use. You might consider OBS studio. It's free and generates constant framerate files that are relative easy to edit and smaller. It can use the x264 encoder or the hardware Nvidia NVENC encoder. I have provided suggested settings for OBS studio in this thread.

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    @NormanPCN looking up this codec, pretty much the first two pages of results are "can't play in VLC, Media Player, Vegas, Premiere, etc.

    As far as I can tell, solution is going to be to transcode. I doubt Hitfilm supports this particular codec. Interestingly enough, several transcoder options (like VLC) don't support this codec. 

  • transcoding worked like a charm also I learned how to turn off stuff I don't need in hit film that is very laggy aka preview mode. Thanks a lot for the support and help I am very excited to use this program a lot !

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    In Video for Windows (VfW) a host like Hitfilm does not have to know about a codec to support. This is a reason for installable codec subsystems.

    Fully self contained apps, like VLC and ffmpeg do not support FICV since it is a proprietary codec. Apps like these do not support VfW even though they support AVI with many different codecs.

    The real slowdown here is the audio track waveform display and then there is the Hitfilm VfW inefficiency to pile on top. The later is not the same as the decoder context thrashing seen with AVC that I have talked about in the past but it's own separate inefficiency.

    Long Files. It does not matter the file size but the length in time. With this you REALLY want to turn the waveform display off. This also turns of video thumbnails. With this feature off, excessive/slow waveform analysis is not performed. Then what remains is simply the efficiency of the particular contains/codec combo in Hitfilm.

    Avoiding VfW AVI codecs in Hitfilm is the way to go. Excluding the native Cineform AVI in 2017 which bypasses VfW.

    Video files with PCM audio are way faster than those with AAC for example.

    With waveforms on, you are better off trimming with the trimmer and not on the timeline. Of course with long files you don't want to timeline trim due to the timeline zoom issue. Assuming you use timeline zoom.

    Hitfilm waveform display/update is slow. *REAL SLOW* One could almost say infinitely slower. Yes, I said infinite. The initial computation is slower (~3x with AAC, Vegas). This is really okay. The really bad part is on each subsequent "edit". Hitfilm seems to do the full waveform analysis on every edit and some analysis timeline zoom change. This is where the "infinite" word comes in. Vegas is instantaneous with these changes and Hitfilm takes some time. The amount of time depends on the length (in time) of the video file.

    Vegas computes the waveform peaks once on import and saves the info to disk (130x reduction vs 16-bit PCM). Compute once, use many times. In Hitfilm this compute is done every time a clip/event is created on the timeline (clip split, drop new clip). The length (in time) of the clip is less important than the length of the source media file. The Hitfilm waveform data is memory only and is thus re-computed every time a project is loaded.

    Hitfilm has a cache structure that is used for some audio tasks like resampling. IMO, waveform data would be a new good use for the cache. I am repeating myself, so zipit.

    In my test. 4Ghz i7 4770k, 16GB ram, 7200PRM drive. 38 minute: MP4 AVC+AAC file. AVI Cineform+PCM file.

    MP4+AAC audio. Vegas ~52sec initial compute. Hitfilm ~160 sec initial compute.

    Cineform AVI+PCM audio. Vegas instant. Hitfilm close enough to instant (~2 secs).

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    There is support for the Mirillis codec in current versions of FFMpeg and VLC but if you browse the Mirillis forums it's horrible for editing in every program anybody has tried. MagicYUV seems to be their recommended codec for transcoding BUT as @NormanPCN already pointed out, avoiding VfW codecs like MagicYUV with HitFilm is a good idea. On the plus side since it is supported by things like FFMpeg now you have your choice of several tools to transcode to Cineform or NormanPCN's own NormanAVC with Handbrake

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    im using handbrake to transcode the footage I get from Action! The recording software I use  that uses the mirillis codec. It's very good but it's Down side is it uses mirillis codec btw a 45 minute 60fps 1080p clip is 30gb! That's a lot for only 45 minutes but. I guess once you transcode it woulD that make it more compressed or no I'm using hand brake the exact same way in the video above. So would that decrease file size? Also I know I the end handbrake turns the footage into a i but Action! Allows you to recorded in either AVI or MP4 should I just recored in MP4 would that make any difference to the transcode or the final result of it? Thanks for all the support guys I'm not good with video codec's and all the stuff with that I'm happy the community is very willing to help

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    @NormanPCN we've been aware of this for a while and we had tried to make some improvements but it turned out to not be good enough for the release of HitFilm 2017 so we turned it off until we could get the time to do it properly. It's looking pretty good for the next version though so providing we don't find anything horrendous and have time to finish everything, waveform generation should be much improved in version 6.0.

  • Every thing is going great I figured out how to let my nivida compress the data so know even a 1hr long clip is only 4.5 gb instead of probably 50 gb before I also made a really good intro and outro using the program I have already made my first video! I'm very happy to see the program working. And even more happy to see my self using it in the future 

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    @DaSavageking As mentioned. You should look into using OBS studio for screen capture instead of Mirillis. From within it you can directly generate files that are very editable in Hitiflm. My previous post gave a link to suggested settings.

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