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i have 2 questions,

first, if i want to make a video slow-mo and im shooting at 50/60 fps. lets choose 50 for now. and i want to "slow-mo" it. what template do i choose and how do i convert my 50fps footage to 25fps. note that i dont want some of my other clips to be 25fps. this means that some clips will be slow mo and some will not be.

my second quesiton, is there any warp stabilizer effect like premier cc 2017? i've tried with the dual tracking thing and changed the purpose to stabilze. it doesn't work very well for me as the clip is moving intentionally but i want to remove the shakiness of it.

thanks for your time to read this hopefully you guys could solve my problem for me :D


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    Hmm hi I'll have a bash.

    1) not 100% sure how to address this and don't want to give your wrong info.

    2) Using the tracking will only help so far, if you want stable shots then you need to do your best to stablise at source. The tracking will help it essentially moves the rotation of the shot around the track stablisation this means that black bars will appear where the roation causes the image to rotate. To overcome this you need to scale up the image. Have you seen any of the Youtube contents on Hitfilm stablisation?

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    Yes i have, i don't want to scale it up as it loses its quality  and the black lines are like 1/3 to 1/2 of the page that's why i don't plan on using it

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    @DYEdits that is the trouble with that method, it is OK if you shoot 4K or something you have room to play with but not at HD. I am affraid there is no other tool in Hitfilm.

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    Hitfilm does not really stabilise footage that moves around a lot. It's really for short, single shots to help apply effects better or attach things to footage, such as signage, callouts, scene extensions etc.

    Best bet is this as it's cheap as well as good and easy to use. The stabilise engine is what's used inside quite a few other video editors.


    Try the free trial at least. There are other more expensive options available from the same company with additional features; so try their trials too, but this will probably do what you need.

    For the slowmo: Duplicate your footage in the Media Bin.
    Right click on one of them and rename it to have the word slow in the name. Right Click again, Select Properties, untick the 'From File' box on the Frame Rate and set to half speed (25 if it was 50).

    Drag your 25fps footage onto the timeline and you'll get prompted to set the project to match if it is different. Remove it again. Or just set the project to 25fps first and ignore any prompts when you add your first clips as you know it's already correct.

     Add your 50fps footage and that will now be played as if it was 25fps, ie every second frame will be ignored.  Drag the 25fps slow version on and it will be twice as long and play all the frames, which will result in slow motion.

    If you want it slower still then it's the Speed effect or the Rate Stretch tool, but then you'll be making it display frames more than once instead of truly playing all extra frames once, which is a different question, or two.