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Hii There,

I've been using Hitfilm Express for a while now, and I have to say, it's great software, but with a lot of
things I see as "issues".
Now you may think differently about it than I do, but I decided to share it anyways:


Whenever a new update gets published, I have to somewhat manually download it through my browser, run it and go through the installer pretty much again... for every... single... update...
Not a big deal, but it can be annoying.
I'd rather see some kind of extra "program" that updates it for me.

For example, I use OBS a lot.
It also gets an update every now and then, but instead of having to download every update manually, I just click "Update Now".
OBS will close and update itself.
When it's done, I can hit "Launch OBS" and it's all done.

I wonder if something like that could be implemented.
This way, I don't have to manually locate the folder I have Hitfilm installed in every single time.
And, of course, I can make a cup-a-coffee while it's updating.

Error-codes on crash

This one came to mind today when Hitfilm randomly decided to crash.
I tried to recover an autosave, but it just greeted me with a "Hitfilm has encountered an unexpected error".
So, I hit "report" and then I was greeted with a message: "failed to make dumpfile" (or something like it).
It would be nice to give us some kind of error-code so we can troubleshoot if needed (just like Windows BSOD errors).

Detection of "corrupt" proxy

So, after Hitfilm crashed, I wanted to recover an autosave.
and as I've already stated before, it greeted me with another crash.
After a long search on *why* I couldn't open the auto-save, I found something.
It was the folder containing my proxies! (even though I moved it to another location before, but for some kind of reason, since the last update it put it back to its defaults?).
Upon deleting the folders containing the proxies, the autosave could be properly loaded and I could continue on my project.

It would be great to see some kind of detection for a "corrupt" proxy.
It should then display a message that the proxy was corrupt and had to be "ignored" (or something like it.

Center Align

This one is a bit of a "personal preference", but it would be great that if we add text, that there would be 2 buttons (or I just missed them?):
- Vertically Center
- Horizontally Center
This way, I don't have to keep guessing where the center of the screen is when I want text on my shot (just like Sony Vegas has).


I hope I could be of any service providing this feedback :)
I'll post more feedback once I find more "issues" down the road.



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