Importing Large Files Errors?

Hi i can import small files no problem but if I try to import large files (shot on same camera in same shoot with the same settings) then I get "Invalid Media The Media Could Not Be Imported" error  - by large I mean 8gb plus  - all the files playback fine (on the same PC being  used for editing) in other applications like iTunes or Windows Media Player

Intel i7 6500 - 32gb memory - intel HD 520 


  • Triem23
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    Playback in things like VLC are never a reliable indicator if something will open in Hitfilm. A player just streams and discards frames, where an editor needs to hold more at a time to edit.

    I'm going to guess your source videos are from a camera shooting in .mov format?

    If so, Quicktime for Windows is only a 32-bit application which means it can access a maximum of 4GB memory addressing at a time. This can cause issues which large files.

    There's a good chance the files are h.264 in an .mov wrapper.

    So, try renaming your file from mov to mp4. This often works. If not, well, we'll talk transcoding.  

  • Bingo! - Thanks a lot 

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    Sigh. The reasons to do a Quicktime bypass in Hitfilm for AVC MOV files just keep piling up. Lets see what 2018 brings.

    At least it is an easy thing for users to do an extension rename and the header is not considered. Only if they know to do/try an extension rename.

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