Cool Video Effects for Soccer Edits

So, I'm getting into YouTube right now, and I'm starting off my channel by creating cool soccer edits. They are pretty basic right now because my video editing skills are kind of low, but I was wondering if there were any experts/pros that could help give me some suggestions for cool effects I could to make my edits stand out from others. My channel link/video link is down below so you can see the kind of videos I make, and how cool effects could be done.


  • DafterThings
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    edited September 2017

    I'm no pro but do find myself watching these skills videos late at night. One thing I don't like is endless replays. The odd slow-mo if something happens so fast, the odd zoom to show what the feet are doing but beyond that I can scroll back if I want to see it over and over again.

    Maybe add some 'Nope', 'Bye' and 'Megs' voiceover or FX.

    I do remember this from years ago on Fantasy Football League (in the UK) called 'Pele was sh&*e' 

    Maybe have an 'Only Human after all' clip after some extreme skill?