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So recently, I made a purchase of a Polaroid Cube+ Camera to help me record videos for my YouTube Channel, and to add more variety to it as well. I recorded a simple video in my room, of me doing some footwork drills with my soccer ball. The video was shot in 720p 60fps, and it looked really good. However, when I went to put it into HitFilm 4, I got this random error from it (https://gyazo.com/e0af7478d1d318f9d8e3cd7f0a1f1a96). At first, I thought it was the project, so I modified the project to the videos specs and it still didn't work.  I even tried to convert it to a WMV file, and when I did that video loaded but it wouldn't let me put it on the track. (https://gyazo.com/6e03bdb33bb3cc8f28f20424389feaf1). Can someone help me figure out what is going on? I want to keep the video in the original .MP4 format because it looks really clean, and the video is in 60fps, but for some reason, it is not working. Any tips?


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    @Goalkeeper Can you install MediaInfo and provide a full report for the file that isn't working? Instructions on using MediaInfo start @19:33 of this video. 

    You probably want to watch the whole thing but your file should be importing at least so let's start there. If you don't want to install MediaInfo could you provide a sample file for others to try?


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