Audio is not synced with video

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Ive been using Hitfilm express for a month or so now. 

Recently when I import a media file the audio isnt synced. It seems to be synced at the very beginning, but quickly (within the first minute or even 30 seconds) gets out of sync for the rest of the video


I import the exact same way, I drag and drop the file into Hitfilm

Then drag it over to the editor. 

Then a thing pops up saying what I selected is off and do I want it to change it to the right thing, I click yes. (I have always done this) 

We are using a gopro hero 3 if that makes any difference, I really wanna figure this out as I import tons of smaller clips and cutting them all to have the audio fit is so time consuming and leaves empty holes with no audio. 


Any ideas? I know something can be done, it didnt do this until recently! And weve always done the same thing and used the same camera.



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    Chances are your footage was compressed with a variable frame rate. While the newest version of HitFilm (2017) does a better job than older ones at keeping audio in sync with files that use variable frame rates, there are still issues. It's recommended to transcode footage to a constant frame rate file before editing.  This video from @Triem23 goes into even more detail as to why and how:

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    so how do i recompress it? any way to do it free? 

  • CleverTagline
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    Watch the video I included above. It will tell you the tools and give you a rundown of the process.  Unless I'm mistaken, all the tools mentioned are free.

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    is this really the only way? seems weird it just started doing this with all my clips when none were like this before. 


    It adds more steps to video editing every time, just seems like there should be a better alternative than this.. especially since it didnt do it for quite some time. 


    It is a hitfilm thing, since they all play fine before loading to hitfilm. :-/ This really is mostly my young sons projects, he is learning all this editing and all of this is new to me too. (just trying to help him) 


    Is there a way to set hitfilm so it doesnt do this? 

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    You say you are using GoPro footage. If true, then the audio should not go out of sync since GoPro footage is constant frame rate.

    You should provide a full text MediaInfo report of a problematic file.

  • Triem23
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    Take a look at about 19:30 in the above video at using MediaInfo to check your files. Then paste in a full report on one of your camera videos.

    If your videos turn out to be constant framerate then something else is happening (probably not exporting at the same framerate as your edit).

    If your videos ARE variable frame rate, then you will have to transcode, no ifs, ands, buts about it. Hitfilm is the only NLE that even really attempt to parse variable framerate footage, and for good reason. Hitfilm tries, but VFR video is a real pain. 

    Video playing back in a media player isn't an indication that the footage will perform correctly in an editor. The full technical discussion is long and boring, and is partially covered in the above video. 

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