Clip is inserted but doesn't show up in Viewer!

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Need help very badly!


I aligned many clips in the timeline,

selected one of them and changed speed.


Since then the Clip doesn't show up in the viewer!


Everytime the (how do I call that? white time-pointer that travels through the media when playing the whole thing) passes this one clip I am getting an empty screen (the one with the tile-pattern!)


(Can't add a screenshot, since no uploader seems to work in this Forum?) !






Please help!


  • CleverTagline
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    To add screenshots, you'll need to have your image hosted elsewhere, like Imgur or Giphy, or even your own web site (if you have one).  

    Back to your question.  The first thing I would check is that the layer is visible, whether it's the actual media layer in a comp, or the video layer in the main editor.  Perhaps you accidentally clicked the little eye symbol next to the clip/layer and turned it off?

    If that's not the case, the next thing I would check would be the scale properties.  Perhaps the layer/item scale got messed up.

    Another thing to check if you're in the main editor timeline is the opacity of the clip.  There's a horizontal line going through each clip, which represents that clip's opacity.  It's possible you accidentally dragged that line down to the bottom, which would make the clip invisible.

    If none of these ideas help to solve the problem, then try sharing a screenshot with your clip selected and its properties visible in the Controls tab.