Music video using atomic particles

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Hi, here is my last song "devil inside". I wanted to quickly create a nice clip for this one so I used four atomic particles stripes following the drums, bass, vocals and guitars. My first attempt selecting frequencies in the final, audio mix didn't give good result, so I ended up exporting audio submixes for this four parts and use each one for a stripe in the composite shot.


Hope you'll enjoy...


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    Very nice. 

  • Deweak
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    Thanks for watching :)

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    Very good... good song too

  • Deweak
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    Thanks :)

    I only had two days to do everything from scratch, I think the next time I'll imagine something with lyrics animation...

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    Nice work!  My main "wish" would be to see more variation in the movement.  Not having access to Atomic Particles, I'm not sure how they work, but instead of mostly just expanding and contracting with a little shape difference, maybe add some vertical movement (either up or down) so that it feels like the lines are being spawned offscreen and are moving in a specific direction.

    Another idea would be to start with just one color on screen (centered or not) and gradually add the others as their parts are introduced, and maybe change the arrangement at different points in the song.

  • Deweak
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    You're right, many things to do with this concept :)


    Everything is possible with Hitfilm, it's just a question of time you spend on it, and this time I had to chose between working on the song and polishing the graphics :)

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    @Deweak song isn't my thing, but it's well recorded and well mixed, so good work! The video? Atomic is always fun for music videos, and the parameters you have dialed in for the effects are giving pleasing shapes. Nicely done. @jsbarrett has notes I could agree with, but I like what you have.

    Jsbarret Atomic, in short, breaks a target layer (including 3D models in Pro)  into a particle grid then uses fractal algorithms to shift each particle in 3D space. Grayscale layer maps  can be assigned to modify various parameters (particle size/opacity, displacement distance, etc), or audio files can be applied as modifiers. A frequency range can be assigned to a parameter with amplitude becoming a dynamic modifier.

    You might want to go ahead and search for Atomic tutorials on YouTube (Atomic hasn't changed since Hitfilm 2, so Axel's old tutorials on the Hitfilm channel are the best to look at). It's a great filter for organic or plasma shapes and with control maps can do some sexy transition and disintegration effects. 

    For Jsbarret here's an example using Atomic Particles to create a globe hologram.