Reflecting Edges in Hitfilm 4 Pro?

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I want to have the snory cam effect on a gopro vid i have but when i scale it up it's just too low res. Is there a way i can use an effect that would basically reflect the edges? I'm pretty sure that AE has something like this i saw in Wren's (samandniko channel) tutorial for stabilizing.

help is greatly appreciated!  


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    I'm confused. The Snorricam is a way of looking back at your actor that does not need scaling or stabilisation because they're always in the centre of the frame and if the background moves around, that's usually fine because that's not where you are looking.

    Got any examples of how/what you're trying to do?  As a GoPro can shoot in 4k, what's the output resolution you are trying to achieve that zooming doesn't work on 4K footage?

    Assuming you're instead using 1080p footage, one way is to create composite that's larger than your footage, so max 3840x2160 in Express. Then drag in your footage and scale it up to fill the composite. Then apply the Perspective Warp Effect and adjust the scale until your footage is back to the original size with reflections on all sides.

    You can then use that composite in another one (1920x1080) where the centre section will show your original footage at full size, but if you moved it around, then it would show the reflections at the edges instead of blanks.

    Have tracking applied to an original version of your footage in this composite, then Parent the Large Composite version to that to follow the correct movement and turn off the visibility of the original footage.

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    Sorry i should have been more specific. So the shot was in 1080 so when i stabilized it there was too much space and when I scale it up it just looks too low res. I forgot about the perspective warp effect so that will help perfectly! 

    Thank you!

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