[ANSWERED] Serial Code issues.

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When I go to account on the website it does not show any information on my serial code or my software when I have already downloaded the software, can you guys recover it for us or make us new ones?


  • Triem23
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    Hmmm. Your Hitfilm registration is tied to the email account it was created under. Your forum account is tied to the email IT was created under. Are you using the same email for both?

    Otherwise, this is a user forum and we will be unable to help. You'll need to contact support.


  • DanielGWood
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    Triem is correct, this is most likely to be the problem. If you have the program installed and activated, you can check which email address you used for activation from Options > Activation.

    If you've never activated the software, you may not actually have a serial code yet. If you're using Express, you can follow the steps in this video; if you're using Pro, you need to buy the software to get a serial code.

    If that doesn't help do contact us in Support, and please include all email addresses you might have used, plus any other information we might be able to use to track your account down. This will save a bit of back-and-forth!

  • q2z
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    Yeah, I have the same email for both (I only have 1 email and a school email which you cannot activate)