Slow Motion and Sync'd Audio

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Hi All - bear with me - very new to Hitfilm.

I did some searching to figure out the best, nay, correct way to set up a video project using slow motion footage from an A6500.  My understanding of the setup is to create a 23.97fps project, import the 120fps files, click on the cog of each file, uncheck "from file" and change the speed to 23.97fps to match the timeline.  Drag the clip into the timeline and whala, slow motion footage (albeit too slow for most of my videos so I increase the speed from 150 or 200%) to get the desired effect and all is good.


How do I get the audio to slow down and sync with it original clip/file?

In my pre-enlightened setups, I would create a 120fps project, drag the 120fps clips into the timeline and change the speed from 20-40% to get the desired effect.  With this solution the audio would be there and usable.  This solution really taxed HitFilm (or my MAC, not sure which).

You may be asking yourself why I would want said audio for these slow motion clips - the answer is that I want them synced so that if I decide to go with a full speed version of the clip, the audio is there to use. 

The work around would be to drag another copy of the clip into the media folder and keep that clip at the original 120fps, but this not only clutters the work space, but adds more work to the workflow.

Is there a better way?


  • audisnapraudisnapr Website User Posts: 3

    Hi everyone - any insite on this?

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    Hmm not sure there is a magic bullet for this, but others have found that using an external encoder to re-encode the media (image and audio) to your desired speed is quicker and more efficent on the system when you want both slowed down.

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    Thanks, Andy.

    What sort of encoder is ideal for this?

    One thing that I am also finding is that when I change a higher FPS clip to a 23.97FPS clip, I can no longer view the entire clip in the Trimmer.  Any idea why that is?

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