Atomic Breath


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    Express or Pro? For now I'll Assume Express.

    The seven  basic things to think about are tracking, parenting, masking, fractal noise, blending modes, glows and lens flares.

    Tracking may be optional, depending on the shot, but you might want to do a one or two point track to get the motion of the head (if needed).

    Whether or not you track, create a point layer and place it at the mouth where the breath starts.

    If you have tracked, parent this point to the track.

    Create a white plane and lower its opacity so you can see through it. Parent this layer to the mouth point.

    Use the masking tools to draw in the shape of the breath. You'll probably want to feather this a bit. Masks can be animated to "draw in" the breath as it starts and ends.

    Apply Fractal Noise to the plane. You'll need to play around with settings to get the look you want, but the important thing to do is animate the X and Y offsets so the entire fractal noise is moving in the direction of the breath.

    You'll want to change the blend mode of the plane to ADD.

    Now add a glow to the plane layer. Set the glow to use A/B colors. Set A to a bright cyan, B to a blue and adjust intensity and width to taste.

    Add a lens flare. Set the Hotspot to use the mouth point layer, then change position values to 0,0. Pick your favorite flare and adjust intensity and scale to taste. 

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    thats the worst link ever! but yah what he said ^