Express 2017 keeps crashing

ToddGroves Website User Posts: 227

A couple times while trying to import footage, Express crashed. 

I then dragged footage from an open Explorer window into the Media bin successfully. I made all my edits, graphics and text. When it came time to save the project, Express crashed.

Is there an update coming?


  • CedricBonnier
    CedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,195 Staff

    @ToddGroves There is an update coming for 2017 but it's not for fixing this. Your issue sounds like an old issue that happens with Dell and Alienware machines.

    If you have Dell Backup and Recovery or Alien Respawn installed, then please uninstall it. There is a component in there that is preventing HitFilm to work correctly and unfortunately there is nothing we can do, the only solution is to uninstall the Dell / Alien software completely. This issue affects other software as well like Maya and 3DS Max (and potentially a lot of other ones as well).

    If this is not your issue then we will need more details to find out why it's crashing. Remember that you can always contact support.

  • ToddGroves
    ToddGroves Website User Posts: 227


    Thanks. I will do that. 


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