Wondering about some key features I would want with the audio visual pack.

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I have been interested in purchasing the 50$ audio visual pack for HF2017. But am torn at the purchase because none of the tutorial videos I can find have solid evidence that the pack has the features I need. What I want to do is manipulate variables to things that regularly wouldn't be altered by audio. An example would be: Changing the intensity of a light flare according to low frequency parts of the music, or: changing bulge amounts and zoom blur etc. 


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    The AV pack isn't going to magically add additional audio triggered control to other filters. 

    You get the Spectrum and Waveform filters which are pretty specific and do exactly what the names suggest, and Atomic Particles. 

    Atomic is a neat filter, and it's parameters can be altered by audio input in such a way to do some of the things you might want, but you'll have to be creative in your setup. 

    Overall it sounds like the AV pack doesn't do what you want. 

    Remember, you can always download the Pro demo to "test drive" any features you want to explore. The demo won't allow export, but you can poke around in the software and try things out. 

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    Thanks Ill try it! 

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    I bought the audio pack and really like the atomic particles! :) 

    But the export times (When using motion blur along with it) can be very VERY long. So since I have two computers I thought I should make the project on my main PC and transfer it over to my export PC so it can run for as long as it needs. Only I had forgotten about the activation thing. :P

    So I cant use my other PC without deactivating the one on my main PC. Is there any solution now that I have the visual pack linked to my account? Can I activate more than one computer somehow?

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    HitFilm Pro can be activated on up to three computers at a time.

    HitFilm Express can only be activated on one computer at a time.

    You might be able to use the demo version of Pro to edit with on one computer, and then export using your (activated) Express on the other? I can't remember whether you're allowed to save anything from the demo version of HitFilm Pro or not...

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    You are and that may just work. But I'm still going to have to switch my activation over to my other computer. I don't want to lose my exporting functionality of my main rig. It would be so convenient if they could just bump up the amount to 2.