Peter O'Toole (1932-2013)

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Peter O'Toole passed away today, and in respect to the actor I wanted to share what I jotted out for our Atomic Productions page recently regarding him:

Peter O'Toole

An immensely talented, virtuous, actor and an indisputable icon of Hollywood, O'Toole's long-spanning career and numerous accolades- including being nominated for 8 Oscars- were a testament to the man's dedication and love for his craft.
From his transformative, career-defining performance as a young man in Lawrence of Arabia to the small moments in latter films that he elevated as an elder, O'Toole brought a sense of grace, elegance, wisdom, and class to his work that consistently set him apart from his fellow thespians. And though he may never have quite reached that Oscar gold, he's sure to go down not only as one of the finest actors of his generation- but of all time.
The world has lost an immense talent and a fine, class-act performer; whose legacy- and numerous unforgettable, moving performances- will live on for years to come.
We want to end this on what is one of our favorite (and a more-recent) performance by the legendary actor, as the antagonist Anton Ego in- of all movies- Ratatouille. Though it's an animated movie about rats, we're sure few would argue against the Pixar feature's greatness.
But aside from the soaring strings of Michael Giacchino's score or the tender direction of Brad Bird, the film's mesmerizing ending largely rests on the shoulders of O'Toole's raspy, aged voice performance. Earnest, heartfelt, well-written, intimate and beautifully-delivered, it remains the strongest, most-memorable few minutes of an already-fantastic 2 hour film.
And really, that's just a testament to the power of Peter O'Toole. A depth, a sense of class, and world-weary presence no other could touch.


He was a fantastic, fantastic actor. And a man we'll deeply miss.