Amazing Hula hooping | Devinsupertramp inspired video

Someone from my work asked me to film her hula hooping. I took this opportunity to really try to nail my camera work and my editing skills.  I've seen awesome videos of things like this done by other people, like devinsupertramp. I did not try to make my video exactly like the ones I've seen, but rather really figure out my style and cinematography skills. Please give it a watch and tell me what you think! 



  • tddavis
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    @Tevin231000 Some very nice scenery there...and the locations were great too!    No, all kidding aside, while your friend from work is quite good looking, I have daughters about twice her age, so I kid.  As far as the video goes, I thought you edited the different locations together very nicely and gave a flow to the entire video.  It kept everything moving forward nicely.

  • CleverTagline
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    Beautiful!  Great filming and editing.  My only quibble is that there was at least one shot (at 2:13) that felt a little dark.  Even though the hoop is lit up, it's an overcast day, and the lighting feels very flat.  I just feel that something more could've been done to brighten the foreground just a touch.  There might have been others needing similar tweaking, but that's the only one that jumped out during my first viewing.  That small nitpick aside, this is a gorgeous video!

  •  @jsbarret Yes, I agree! Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it and glad you like it overall! :D 


  • Palacono
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    The video editing looks great, but the music is doing quite a lot of the heavy lifting. I watched it all to hear the whole track.

    Watching it again with sound off and some of the shots need a bit of pizazz and maybe stabilisation (big hiccup at 39s). It's clear you used a 3-axis gimbal, but a few have little wobbles anyway (16s). The opener is quite sedate and doesn't set you up for "Wow, this is going to be good".

    Not really sure what to suggest, but some Light flares, a bit of lens dirt, some light and particle overlays, playing with saturation and focus blur, zooming into then out of at the 'same view' cut at 32s, cuts with different levels of zooming in some of the longer shots Far, Mid, Near, Mid, - you've got big bass beats to use for the cut cues - all in moderation though, etc.  etc.

    Basically a very solid first pass though (from someone who knows less than diddly squat about editing: me). :)