Shooting Star : The Wish

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Alfie's latest video...

Effects in Hitfilm Pro 4 and, this time, most of the editing as well.

We could have got the effects a lot better but wasn't quite sure what was needed. .

We used the Day for Night tips from @HitfilmSensei fantastic tutorial (many thanks) but not 100% sure we got the colour and shading right. 

<edit> Just realised the crickets chirping was missed off the final video... arrghhh. Helped so much with the illusion of night.

The shooting star is a lightsword. It looked better than anything else we tried. The landing uses the  Oil fire preset effect. which is a bit lazy but looks alright
It's the landing that we probably should have done some more work on but it was REALLY difficult. Tried to add some camera shake but it didn't look too good. Tried to blend the rock into the background, make it glow more red rather than just a few flames and have it seem more embedded in the ground.

Any pointer would be much appreciated.


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    That was really funny! I liked it a lot. I would say...

    • The rock needs to come in much faster
    • More shake would be good
    • Adding motion blur to the rock would make a world of difference

    Nice job!

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    thanks @HitfilmSensei

    I agree.  I need a clearer approach when it comes to applying the FX and also planning for them during filming.  I often get in a mess during post with (for me) more complex FX. I'm sure it'll come with practice 

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    Firstly well done for the whole thing.  Loved it. You did really well.  Unexpected ending which was a brilliant touch.

    Star wobbles mid flight.  Tidy up the arc of the animation for the next one.  Also use a glow and some sparks at its tail. 

    Rock should embed itself.  Splat.  Perhaps rotate a very small amount until it settles, but don't overdo that part.  Or totally overdo it and have it topple over at the very end, with an additional "ouch" from the victim.  You should also use a tripod for the camera and lock it so the overlays and the video are stable.  There is some slight shake to the camera which translates to the rock moving in-shot.

    Use a grade layer to get a better colour match for the items in the scene.

    Colour wheel correct the rock.

    Add some glow/veins to the rock to get it more "otherworldly".  It could perhaps be glowing orange then fade to red, as well as flaming.  I'd use some keying to get glow deeper into the rock so that the shaded areas are glowing or something.

    Great concept and good acting.  Well done. Keep it up.

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    @Hitfilmer18240 fantastic feedback and agree with all of it... many thanks.

    "totally overdo it and have it topple over at the very end, with an additional "ouch" from the victim.".... ARRRGHHH yes. Comedically that would have been perfect as we always look for a more Tom&Jerry feel.


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    @Tonyg great little scetch with a nice use of the effects. One thing that seemed to through me out of the moment was at 31sec mark, you change the framing of the scene, but not enough to make it feel right, it just feels like a jump cut that should not be there. Hope that is clear. Oh and if you wanted to sell the ending with the girl saying "OK I won't sing" have her do this into a pillow or something to muffle the voice, seeing as she seems to have been crushed. But that's all taste and style, I liked it.

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    Good spots and much appreciated
    Initially at 31s we moved from the upper body shot to a fullbody shot to get the impact. Unfortunately this made it less obvious that Alfie was 'wishing' so we zoomed it back in.  As you point out too close to the original. We must have looked at this a dozen times and, like always, only notice when somebody points it out. Will see if we can get some 'proof-watchers' in the future. Maybe even post here as 'private' for comments before going public???

    As for the muffle.... we did have a version with muffled speech using Audacity but it also muffled the ambient sounds. What we *should* have done, of course, is recorded a minute or so of background sound specifically so we can combine with audio in post..