Back after a while

Hi Boys+and Girls

After a long break,something new from me

Blender+hitfilm Project.

Thanks for watching





  • CleverTagline
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    The rendering and compositing look pretty good.  The animation (both character and camera) feel a bit stiff.  I'm also confused why it feels (based on how he's posed and animated) like he's supposed to be jumping over a distance, but based on the other scene elements, it feels like he's taking off and landing from almost the exact same position.

  • Palacono
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    edited September 2017

    +1 to all of that. The increasing detail that was added seemed premature since the original animation didn't look realistic, or clear. Also, what happened to his arms/shoulder on landing? It looks like they dislocated then popped back in.

    The upside is: presumably all the later layers etc. would be automatically reapplied to any changed base animation.

  • Olafk
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     hey,you are all welome,that here i called it nice creative comments :)

    that is the reason,while i like this forum here,because you guys here see things i don't see.Give a few days i will fix something.