Does anyone use a teleprompter software for Windows?

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I made a teleprompter from some stuff and the machine runs Windows XP Embedded. It's hard finding software for Windows that doesn't cost a lot and also isn't total rubbish. The best I've found so far is Autocue QStart but I was wondering if there was anything better since it's a bit annoying to work with (very laggy when scrolling in the text editor but okay when in prompting mode). Also, the XP machine will have no connection to the Internet,


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    I've never really thought about this before until you asked the question, but I'm wondering if you couldn't use OpenOffice (a free MS Office clone) and use their Presentation (Powerpoint) to create slides of your text and set up the slide show to display each the required number of seconds it takes to read the text.

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    I'm going to assume you made something similar to what's in this video:

    If that's the case I would suggest swapping the XP machine for a tablet or smart phone. There's all kinds of teleprompter apps for IOS and Android many of which are free and the paid ones are still pretty low cost. Most of them let you import text files so you can use the word processor or text editor of your choice and then import the script in the app. If a tablet isn't an option at all EasyPrompter has a free offline version now that should work on the XP machine.

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    I did consider using a presentation software but I think even Autocue QStart software is preferable to that and ultimately haven't found anything before for Windows that doesn't cost an inordinate sum. I kind of like EasyPrompter but it lacks the ability to be remotely controlled which is something I really want.

    I have ordered a micro-HDMI to VGA converter from China which would allow me to combine my tablet with my modified LCD monitor. Most of the Android apps for teleprompting are pretty bad but there seem to be two or three usable ones.

    I accidentally hosed my Windows XP Embedded installation so may be forced to take the Android route if I can't revive it (not nearly as simple as reinstalling Windows on a conventional machine)

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    I've now found a great option called Teleprompter by an outfit called Imaginary which is available on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as having a browser version. Apparently they're also working on an Android version but don't expect it any time soon. It's free, open source, seems to have all the features I want and the only downside was that it was so hard to find in the first place... (I also doubt it runs on Windows XP but I never checked and my Windows XP installation is gone anyway).

    The adapter for my tablet doesn't seem to work so I expect I might get my thin client running on Linux by the time I get another in which case I'll use this software. 

    Although there are many teleprompter apps on Android, most are total rubbish although I did find two or three workable solutions which I'll post about again after I check them out a bit more thoroughly.