SHAZAM! Effect

With the SHAZAM! Film in production, I was wondering how to use Express 4 to create the old opening to the show. You can check it out here: 

I've tried a few times but am having little luck. I can use the lightening feature but can't seem to recreate it. Any advice would be great!



P.S. I'm a newbie. I have some skill though. I can make toast and pasta. Not in Hitfilm, just in real life. 


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    @Wriker  I think it might be very hard to faithfully replicate the look of the lightning.  That was old school 2d animation unless I seriously mistaken and any 3d effects will be very much different looking.  However, the glow around Billy can be achieved somewhat with the glow effect using a masked duplicate of your actor clip on top and put the glow on the clip underneath, but it needs some light source I think.  I'd have to play with it to be sure exactly what to do though.  Now, if you have artistic skills, you could use a photoshop-type program to make a series of layers showing the lightning come down and the glow around your actor and save them as separate PNGs with transparent background (32 bit) and import that as an image sequence and composite it with you actor layers.  Myself, I can't draw a straight line... Hopefully this might help give you some ideas.