New 24 HOURS - (A Short Action Trailer) is now online!

Jack Manuel
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Hey guys, this is my latest project.  It's a short action trailer.  I had a lot of fun making this and wanted to share it with you guys. Let me know what you think


  • KirstieT
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    Thanks for sharing this trailer with us!
    I really loved the title sequence - especially the way that you split the 24 hours in half, and the way that you kept the title from us until close to the end of the trailer. 
    It all looks pretty thrilling - and the music adds to the suspense of sequences. I like how you timed them with the crescendos of the audio. We didn't see a huge amount of VFX here but your muzzle flashes looked pretty solid and sounded realistic. 
    Some constructive criticism would be:
    1) I'm still not entirely sure about the plot line. It struck me as some sort of secret agent/drug lord trying to get out of the game? I know that the guy at the start of the trailer said "If you want out, you'll have to earn it" but to me initially he was a little difficult to understand, and there was no follow up speech to that to clarify what it was he wanted out of, how he was going to earn it etc. However, that being said, I forgot that I didn't know what was happening a couple of times as it was so fast moving. 
    2) There is a blank shot (for only a second) between 0:41 and 0:42, but it is long enough to notice. I think I only saw it because I was waiting for perhaps another name as a credit (similar to the previous shot at 0:37). Was this a deliberate black screen or was there supposed to be something there?
    3) The lighting is quite different in some of the shots, but this of course comes with having better lighting equipment and a better camera which is easier said than done on a small budget!
    I think you've got a good eye for trailers and have a good idea of what builds suspense. This trailer is by no means messy but it could perhaps do with a little bit of clarifying.
    Just my personal opinion though, and I figured as you'd shared it, you'd appreciate some constructive criticism :) Like I said, I enjoyed it!
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    Thanks for the feedback!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the trailer. You were pretty spot on with the plot.  He's a hitman working for a powerful drug lord and he wants out.  The blank shot between 0:41 and 0:42 was intentional; I think it looks better this way, I feel like it adds a bit more suspense.  It felt a bit to messy when both the clips were played back to back.  If I could go back and change something, it would be the lighting.  I didn't have any lighting kits or lights for filmmaking.  So the trailer was shot in natural/ whatever lights the room had.  I also would have liked to color correct and grade the footage but I didn't because of the lighting issue.  
    Thank you again for checking my trailer out and taking the time to give me feedback :)  I'm glad you enjoyed it!