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So I've recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements and have been exploring it.  As you likely know, Premiere Elements is the baby brother to Premiere Pro.  Elements is for the hobby market, and Pro is for experienced video editors.

I've been focused mostly on animating with keyframes, which is going pretty well.   Elements has an object tracker too, which on the face of it  appears to be quite simple to operate, but that's not going so well, at least not yet.

In other threads here on the forum members of the Hitfilm team shared their interest in serving the hobby market, inexperienced video editors, the typical iMovie user etc.   I'm now convinced you're going to need a new version of Hitfilm to reach this goal, and Premiere Elements might serve as a model which can inspire your efforts.   It seems to achieved a workable compromise between power and accessibility, generally speaking. 

One thing Hitfilm really has going for it, especially in regards to the newbie market, is the Hitfilm team's willingness to engage with new comers on your forum.  This is not the case over at Adobe, and the Elements forum is tiny for some reason.   I'm generally happy with my purchase, but Adobe is doing nothing  to build loyalty or a relationship.   What I've learned so far is that I'm pretty much on my own in learning Adobe  products, which is a substantial disincentive to upgrading to more complicated software in the Creative Cloud.  Why would I rent software I can't operate?

One thing that might  be learned from Adobe is the software rental concept, which might be combined with the Hitfilm University concept. 

Say you had the "Hitfilm Film School", which cost X per month, and came with novice level software (not Hitfilm Express), a structured course, and personal assistance on a forum.   Point being, if you were to have 100 more people like me joining your community, you'd had to find some way to make it pay to make it worth it.    Subscription websites focused on instruction can provide a renewal income stream that might merit consideration.   And of course, your successful students then become promising prospects for your higher end products.

Honestly, and I apologize for being this frank, I think a key problem is that you guys have known  way too much for way too long and you've lost touch with the newbie experience, which for you is probably now 20 years in the past.  I say this because there seemed to be an impression  among some that Hitfilm Express and Hitfilm University could serve the newbie market, and imho, that's not close to being true.  But I could be wrong, so a first step could be to line a 100 real world newbies up in front of those products and watch what happens.  Maybe they aren't all as dense as I can be.  :-)

Anyway, Adobe is presumably selling Elements to lots of newbies, so they must be doing something right.  Might be worth a look if you haven't already.


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