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This is my first time using Hitfilm. I have a 14 mb video that I needed to trim. I did this successfully using the software. However, when it comes to exporting the video, the file size went from the original 14 to 489 mb. Is there any possible way to make it smaller? I need it to be 100 MB or less. Any help would be appreciated.


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    @ckeys0009  Sounds like you might be using the Uncompressed AVI preset to export.  These will be huge files!   Have you tried exporting using one of the other formats?  If you are using 2017 Express or Pro, I would recommend the Youtube 1080 preset.  If you are on 4 Express or Pro, I would try the MP4 tab on the export menu.  Hope this helps you out.

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    @ckeys0009 and @tddavis

    Yup. Definitely sounds like you exported to AVI. For more info on exporting, I'd suggest you checking out this video:

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    @FilmEmpire does good tutorials and his Export video covers the basics. His should get you up and running. 

    If you want to get really detailed information on Import and Export of everything, then I recommend this tutorial. 

    Now. In your specific case take the number 800 (this is converting megaBYTES to megaBITS), then divide by the number of seconds your final video is. This will give you the absolute highest number you can use for mbps settings for mp4 export. 

  • I am having the same problem. I have a file that starts are 44.4MB and exports with no changes at all in HitFilm to 78MB and is all choppy and jittery. The video is unusable after exporting from Hitfilm. Any ideas?

    Original file 

    MPEG4 H264 1920x1080



    Hitfilm export settings

    MP4 H.264


    Same aspect ratio as original

    Same frame rate as original

    Profile HIGH

    Level 5.1

    Encoding Variable Bitrate, 1 Pass

    Target Bitrate 6,188Mbps

    Max Bitrate 12.84

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    If you have the same problem, then the solutions given are the same.

    The following assumes Hitfilm MP4 output.

    File size is controlled by output bitrate. If you bring in a video and make not changes and export it and you want the file size to be similar then use a similar bitrate to the source video specs. Video and audio bitrate.

    If you want to target a specific file size for a length of your video project then you just need to do the math in converting file size megabytes to bitrate per second. File size in bits divided by the length in seconds will give you a combined bitrate per second for video and audio. Video bitrate is normally expressed in megabits per second and audio is normally expressed in kilobits per second.

    Of course matching source bitrates to output bitrates kinda assumes the same codecs in source and destination.

    Normally we do not worry about output file size. We commonly target a output bitrate based on desired result video quality. Commonly our source video is higher quality/bitrate than our common output encodes. This is how the Hitfilm "Youtube" encode settings are chosen. Using knowledge as to what Youtube does to video. The settings are very conservative for 30p video, meaning the output bitrate is probably a bit higher than truly necessary, but you will be just fine. Better safe than sorry so to speak.

    A 6.188 Mbps for 1080 video is a low bitrate. For example most cameras will capture 35-50Mbps. The Hitfilm Youtube preset bitrate is much higher than that 6.18Mbps. That Hitfilm preset works for very high bitrate/quality source material and preserves that better for Youtube. With low bitrate source material you can get away with a lower output than the ready made presets in Hitfilm.

  • Just wanted to provide an update. I took the same footage and imported into iMovie and it played back and exported perfectly. In Hitfilm playback in preview window is all choppy and slow.


  • Thanks for the input. I got the file size figured out but the new exported video from Hitfilm is choppy and unusable. Even when playing in Hitfilm it is choppy and slow. I changed the preview to 1/4 and proxy the clip which made no difference. Both iMovie and Shotcut play and export the same file just fine. Any ideas how to remove the choppy playback and export.

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    Download and install MediaInfo.  Drop your source footage onto it, switch the view to text mode, then copy the info you see and paste it here in a new message.

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    ...and once again, I'm caught in the trap of replying to something that's in two different threads.  *sigh*

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