Light flare keyframing

I'm trying to make an intro for my youtube vids and I've almost done and I just need to add a Light flare but I want it to appear at a certain point of the sequence but it's constant and I've been looking online for tips but I can't find anything :/ 

Anyone know how to make Light flares appear later in a vid as apposed to all the way through?


  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,181 Expert

    @Farknight117  There are two things I would look at to help with this.

    1)I would slide the flare layer's start point to the right in the composite (assuming you are creating a composite shot) so that it begins right where you want it to appear.  And 2), I would key frame the opacity of the layer in the transform controls so that it ramps in to make it more subtle an entrance and even exit the same way if you desire.  I hope this helps you in the direction you want to go.