How to have 60fps and 24fps footage in the same video?

So, I usually shoot 60fps for slow mo and 24fps for regular NOT slow mo footage. Then, I import 60fps video and slow it down and also add 24fps footage after that and so on. But after I finished, I imported the video as in 60fps and along with that 24fps footage also changed into 60fps. So, I went back and imported it into 24fps, but than 60fps slow mo looked all choppy and switched all of the 60fps footage into 24fps. How could I basically have 60fps and 24fps footage at the same time??


  • CowboyBob
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    I really don't understand all you fps changes as you described them above; but, you need to decide what frame rate your final project will be. Set the time line frame rate to that rate. Let's say it will be 24 FPS, as that is what you use for "regular" video. You can bring in the 60 FPS stuff, change it's frame rate to 24 fps in its properties and you then can have "regular " and slow motion video on the same timeline which is running at 24 FPS. You don't want to then try and change the project frame rate to anything else. It is already at your frame rate for delivery. If you start trying to change the project or the output to 60 FPS, you will get speeded up  footage or duplicated frame choppy-looking video.  


    Your last statement really doesn't make sense to me. Your project is going to play at one frame rate. You really don't ever have a time line that is playing at 24 fps and 60 fps. You can have clips that were captured and different frame rates, slowed down or speeded up through various technqies but all playing at the time lines frame rate.