Applying change to multiple selections

Hi, Im brand new to this so please forgive me if its a dumb question.

I imported a bunch of short clips from an iphone and want to select them all and rotate them (because they are all upside-down).

However, when more than one clip is selected it grays that option out.  The same thing happens when I want to go to speed them all up to 2x speed... I can only do one at a time.

Is there a way around this; am I doing something wrong?


  • colamanBS
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    You can batch convert the iPhone videos with handbrake
    There is an option to rotate and/or flip
    Why speed up? Is your Hitfilm project framerate same as iPhone video?

    In Hitfilm you can add all your media in one long composite shot and add a Grade Layer on top, over full length of the composite shot.
    In effects you can add Warp - Perspective Warp, set Roll to 180.
    And effects Temporal - Speed, set speed to 2.00
    Add the effects to the Grade Layer.

    Not the best solution I know. I would use handbrake to rotate.

    I think with correct Hitfilm project framerate setting there is no need to change speed of all your iPhone videos

  • Speed was just another example of a setting that could only be applied to a single clip at a time, to give multiple examples of the issue I was having.  In this particular project I need to speed up many of the clips to 2x because the desired effect is "fast forward" time warp.

    I will look into the Grade Layer , I appreciate the lead!