Keyframing Text settings

Is there a way that you can keyframe the text settings like the spacing?


  • Triem23
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    Nope. Would be very nice if one could. 

  • Film_Empire
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    Yeah, would be very nice!

  • Stargazer54
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    You can cheat it, though.  Depending on the length of your text (like a brief title sequence) - you could put each letter in its own comp shot.  Then bring in all the comps into a main composite shot containing all. 

    Then you can keyframe position (and spacing) of each letter independently.

    But if you have a whole paragraph of text the above technique would, of course, be cumbersome.

  • Andersen01498
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    @Triem23 I thought you cokuld key frame spacin through boris?

  • Triem23
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    @Andersen01498 that's true, but the (vast!) majority of Hitfilm users are using Express with no add-on packs. Boris is (kind of) a separate program launched from inside Hitfilm. Hitfilm's built-in text engine has no provisions for keyframing attributes like spacing, color or outlines. 

    @2SpookySpookies the Boris 3D objects add on is $50 from the Hitfilm Store. Since Boris 3D Objects is $299 for owners of other NLEs, this is a bargain price for a series of plug-ins that give you ridiculously more powerful titling options and some great motion graphics tools. 


  • Palacono
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    Depending on how long you want the spacing to take before it settles, you can save images at different spacing that you've manually adjusted in the Text Tab, then load them back in as an image sequence, plus using the last one after that for the text to continue showing. Save with alpha, or use Demult Effect on the result to remove the black background you'd get without alpha.