Motion tracking rotates image

Hey everyone I am working on a trailer. But instead of a storyboard I am making a preview to make clear what kind of scenes I want.

One of the scenes is similar to Frank Underwood closing the door in an eerie way. However for my actual trailer I want the actor to wear a mask. To make this clear in my preview I used motion tracking of the face and then set the image to it. However when I play it, the image rotates a lot. I wonder what I can do to fix this


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    If you just want to nuke the rotation keyframes, then...uh...nuke the rotation keyframes.  Simply click the circle symbol to the left of the Rotation property, and it'll wipe them all out.  Then manually adjust the rotation to whatever you like, and it'll stay that way for the duration of the track.

    For future reference, you can control how your track is applied, telling the target layer to receive any combination of position, rotation, and/or scaling data.  Just un-check the properties you don't want to be affected before applying the track to your target layer.

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    Alright I'll explain it a bit better:

    What is causing this?

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    Okay, so you've got your mask layer parented to the tracking point, which looks correct. But that tracking point is also parented to one of your "Deur dicht" layers, which may be the problem.  If that "Deur dicht" layer has rotation on it, that would explain why the mask is rotating.

    From what I understand, the whole point (no pun intended) of applying tracking data to a point layer is to keep that tracking data isolated.  Because of that, I believe it's preferable to leave its parent set to "None."

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    Haven't looked at this problem or the video, but as an aside: you might parent a tracking point to another point to be able to refine it further, such as add zoom to get rid of edges, which you can't just do to the original point if you did a two point track. 

    Or to add a few "keep it in the middle" keyframes if something that was really bouncy that was stabilised makes the screen wander excessively and you'd either get huge borders or have to zoom in too close to get rid of them. Gentle movement of the tracked point 'around the centre' is usually acceptable enough in those instances.

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    I just thought of something else. Do you have the Alignment property set for either your point or mask layers? That may also explain the odd rotation, if the layer is trying to align itself constantly. If so, set Alignment to "None"

  • It was set to align to motion path. Don't know what caused that. It stopped rotating now. I just have to adjust it to get it centered on the face. This was a huge step towards making this small thing. Thank you!

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    You're welcome! Glad to hear it was an easy fix!