[SOLVED] Hitfilm 4 Express - Cannot create new project

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I'm a new user, I fully acknowledge that I simply may be messing up, but I cannot seem to create a new project in Hitfilm 4 Express.  I open the client, and am greeted with the normal screen.  I click on 'New' at the top left, and nothing happens.  The entire window freezes up and does not respond to anything (I can still close it with the X button at the top right, though).  The same thing happens if I use File > New.  There is no error message, the whole thing simply stops responding, no matter how long I leave it be.  This is quite frustrating, as I want to get to learning to use this as soon as possible (I'm a little pressed for time).


i5-7200U @2.5GHz, 8GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, GeForce 940MX @1.1GHz/2GB VRAM, Win 10 Home.

I'm not running any other applications (aside from Task Manager and Chrome) and I do not use antivirus.  I have confirmed that my graphics drivers are up to date.

If it helps, Task Manager's reported disk usage after I hit the 'New' button sits at a cool 0%.

Edit: After looking into it a bit more, I realize that I'm dealing with the same 'Nvidia Optimus' issue detailed in the post by Ady pinned to the top of the support forum.  Simply didn't know until I did a bit more research that my GPU fell under that category (should'a guessed, frankly).  Regardless, thank you very much.


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