Sometimes F2 or other shortcuts stopped working?

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Are there conditions where F2 won't work to rename a selected layer? Restarting Hitfilm resolves the problem but I would like to avoid it happening (it sometimes happens shortly after starting).

Edit: choosing rename from the context menu also doesn't work!


  • Palacono
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    Yep, that's annoying. I find grabbing the layer and moving it in the layer stack, then moving it back generally "unsticks" this behaviour. If just a single layer, just wiggling it about seems to work too. Or if not that, then swapping tabs, or just generally going somewhere else and coming back to force whatever value is not being refreshed to be refreshed.

  • THX1139
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    Thanks. It also affects the space bar used to play/pause. At least there's trick to clearing it rather than having to restart.

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