Most important when I upgrade computer?

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OK. Time to think about upgrading my current Windows system (purchase a new one, actually). 

Which component or components are worth spending the most money on to get the best response out of HitFilm?

Faster processor?

Faster GPU and more graphics memory?

More system memory?

Faster storage?

Thanks for any input.


Steve Langguth 


  • TheNickle
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    That might depend on what you have at the moment. The CPU (when it comes to video editing) is extremely important. A lot of calculations are done by the CPU and a decent CPU can really help when it comes to video editing. Video editors like Hitfilm also make great use of RAM, 8GB in most cases is the minimum, but you might want more if editing in 4K for example. However, like I said a few moments ago, it depends on what you have and your budget.

  • Triem23
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    In short-ish.

    Hitfilm uses the GPU for all rendering tasks (actually drawing frames and effects). 

    Hitfilm uses the CPU for disk I/O, decoding video files and particle sim physics calculations. 

    The differences in performance are generally wider between GPUs than CPUs. An i7 7500 is only 28% faster than an i7 7700 where an Nvidia 1080 is over 200% faster than an Nvidia 880. In both examples we're comparing chips two generations apart. 

    So... What are you doing? If you're doing a lot of pure video editing (game vids, vlogging) and not doing a lot of compositing and effects, then the best CPU you can get is probably where to prioritize your money. If you do a lot of compositing and animation, then you want the biggest, baddest GPU* you can get. 

    *Hitfilm is optimized for gaming GPUs. Workstation GPUs aren't the best choice. Don't blow a grand on a Quadro. 

    For CPU any i5 or i7 should be fine. Skip the i3. 

    Now, I'm more up on Nvidia GPUs than AMD. Regarding Nvidia, the first digits are the "generation" number, the last two digits the "series" number. When looking at an Nvidia card, only look at the x60, x70 and, x80 cards. Anything under x60 is a waste of your money (a current gen 1050 is significantly slower than a three generation old 780).

    For GPU research I recommend Benchmarks are imperfect, but this particular site aggregates test results from thousands of users and has a section of "Price/performance" charts. Helpful in making a decision. There's a site, too. 

    Either way, CPU and GPU are your primary considerations. 

    RAM is always important. The more RAM you have the more Hitfilm can cache (smoother performance), and the more RAM you can allocate to RAM preview (longer duration). 

    For Windows 10 systems Microsoft recommends 8GB minimum. For video work I recommend 16 GB minimum. 32 or 64 GB is better. However, RAM is easy to upgrade later, so this is lower priority than CPU/GPU. 

    Storage is the juggling act. With HD, and especially 4k or higher res footage, drive speed is important. Streaming high res footage (or Hitfilm proxies) off an HDD will cause slowdown. A fast SSD can increase performance. But video files are huge and SSDs are expensive per-gig compared to HDDs. Ideally you have the budget and bays for multiple drives. One drive for OS and software (and proxies?), another for your projects. My system has four drives--an SSD for OS/cache files, an SSD for Programs and proxies, an SSD for projects and a large HDD holding my media library. 

    Drives are also pretty cheap and easy to upgrade. 

    So, TL/DR look at CPU/GPU first, then look at RAM/Storage. 

  • SteveLangguth
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    Thanks for the info guys. 

    Knowing how HitFilm uses the various components of my system is useful (and exactly the kind of explanation I was looking for ) .

    I will let you know  what I purchase in a few weeks when I actually make it!

    P.S. Love the You Tube videos, Mike!



  • MarioKluser
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    @Triem23 Thanks again. Just had a look at the benchmark and got the confirmation that my GPU sucks big time and that a little upgrade would be 1.024% faster. Let it be 100% and I'm happy already.

  • Yeremyah
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    @Triem23 here are my results, what you think?

    What CPU do you use?  Nvidia what?

  • Triem23
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    @Yeremyah mine is an i7 6700k, which should Benchmark about 30% above your i5. 

    My GPU is the Nvidia 980m which ranks as 36 of 544 on the same site you used.  Should be about 28% faster than your 960.

    I'm on my phone so I can't have the site bench me right now. I'm going off Benchmark averages on that site. 

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