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Hi everyone,

I'm going to start a thread where I post videos that I am working on, like shortfilms and such.

Recently, I was lying in our hammock when I started thinking about special effects. I got this idea for green screening the hammock and myself onto a giant canyon or two cliffs. Here's that video: (suggestions and critiques are welcome)

For this, I actually used the grass as a green screen, so the key wasn't perfect, but it was a surprising result that it worked. In Hitfilm Express, I added the background image, gave is parallax with displacement maps and 3d layers, and also added a few birds flying by to push the idea that I am up high.

I am also starting a blog, where I will post updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can find that here.

Also, check out my youtube channel where I will post videos roughly weekly. 

I will be uploading a lego star wars video very soon!

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