Ridiculous Response and Export Times

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First of all, my computer is by no means a video editing spec piece of hardware. However, I have been using HitFilm 4 Express for well over six months, pretty much fine. Yes, there has been lag and a few crashes, but it was completely workable.

Just recently however (past few weeks), I have been experiencing problems. HitFilm occasionally becomes very slow and has ridiculous export times. For example, 15 hours for a four minute video. This has nothing to do with my computer's specs, as before it was working fine.

Just the past week I was trying to export a video, when it came up with a very long time. After restarting my computer, the problem was fixed, and the time reduced to a 'normal' amount for me. But the past couple of days I have been trying to export a video, but it won't ever do it in a reasonable time.

Others who have the same problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hitfilm/comments/63j1s5/slow_exporting_issue/

I have tried so many different things to fix it. I have restarted my computer many times, made sure every single driver is updated, changed the location of the video files, removed unused programs, disabled multiple processes and programs while using HitFilm, changed the settings within the HitFilm project andexported to YouTube rather than MP4, but nothing makes a difference. 

This is extremely annoying, as I have a YouTube channel that I would like to upload videos to, but at the moment I am unable to. There is HitFilm Express 2017, but I've heard that it takes more processing power and I will lose the add-on I have bought, so I would prefer to stick to HitFilm 4 Express.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or have any idea on how to possibly fix it?

Thank you


My computer:

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J1900 @ 1.99GHz

RAM: 4.00 GB

64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Windows 10 Home




  • DanielGWood
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    Hi @AJCars

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble.

    Can I ask what graphics card you have installed in your machine, and if it also has an onboard GPU?

    Please do also try Express 2017 - you can install it without needing to uninstall Express 4, and you may find performance is better - a recent update to that version fixed a number of GPU issues. Note also that if you have purchased add-ons for HitFilm 4 Express, these will be automatically upgraded for free to the Express 2017 add-ons. One quick warning though - if you do try Express 2017, bear in mind that a project saved in 2017 won't open in 4 again afterwards, so perhaps better to make a copy when testing.

  • AJCars
    AJCars Website User Posts: 3

    Thanks for the reply @DanielGWood .

    It is an Intel HD Graphics (I think).

    However, since restarting my computer since updating the drivers, HitFilm now seems to be running at its normal speed. I will post again if I encounter anymore problems. 

    I didn't realise that you could get the add-ons for free if you had them in 4 Express. From what I could see on the website, this was not a feature. Thanks for clearing that up, I will look into downloading it.

  • Aladdin4d
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    @AJCars I have to say I'm surprised HitFilm works for you at all. Your CPU/GPU are both under the minimum required to run HitFilm. Your CPU is a Baytrail released in 2013 with an integrated GPU roughly the equivalent of the Intel HD 2000. The minimum is an Intel Core i for the CPU and Intel HD 4000 for the GPU. 

    If HitFilm works for you great! Run with it and enjoy but when there's a problem support is going to be problematic because you're so far under the minimum spec.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,584 Ambassador

    @AJCars I'm afraid @DanielGWood didn't read your earlier posts closely enough. 

    Minimum CPU recommendation for Hitfilm is an i3. A Celeron is below minimum spec. (Daniel, that's what you missed) 

    Minimum GPU recommendation for Hitfilm is the Intel HD 4000. Yours is the "Intel HD Graphics." which is the very first Intel integrated GPU, and which is well under minimum spec. 

    In short your computer is not considered powerful enough to run Hitfilm. Over the last six months you have had a mostly stable experience. This means FXHOME has pretty darn good code, since it's mostly working for you. :) 

    Now, I glanced at the reddit thread you linked and most of the people there aren't providing any system information, or useful information at all. Those people should read this thread. 



  • DanielGWood
    DanielGWood Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,021 Just Starting Out

    No, I spotted the machine was under spec, but before issuing that response I was curious to know what the GPU situation was - as OP pointed out it had worked previously (and also to make the point regarding Express Add-Ons).

    Glad to hear it's working again AJCars, though do bear in mind the spec is below our minimum requirements, so it's not officially supported.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,584 Ambassador

    @DanielGWood Well, I sit somewhat corrected. ;-) I do try to point out to users when I see something under spec ASAP. Obviously something under minimum spec can't be officially supported, so my take on it has always been "Hey, you're lucky it's working at all, don't push things too much." :-)

    As I stated above (and to other users who are under spec), it just shows what good code you and the team really put together since it does often work, for months, for people who are under spec.

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