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I'm sorry, yet another question.... lol


I'm currently working on a clip that has my son eating at the table, there is a window next to him.... this window is square, and has 4 panels of if you can imagine the inner frame looks like + .... now I have tried to mask out these panel of glass.... the 1st mask is always fine, but when I do the 2nd, 3rd and 4th mask they disappear or the most recent one will show the clip I have underneath... does this mean I cant have more that 1 mask in a clip??? I tried duplicating the footage and each having a different panel masked, and  that doesn't work either.....

(I'm using express....)

ty in advance


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    If I recall something I saw posted correctly, the first mask should be set to a blend mode of add but the rest are set to subtract, I think.  I am certainly no expert here, so hopefully someone will come along soon and correct me if I'm wrong.

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    @Bry_man Yes, you can have multiple masks on a layer.  On the surface, it sounds like what you're trying should work, but there's obviously something with your process that's not working, and that detail isn't coming through in your written description. Could you post a screenshot -- or better still, screen capture your attempt and post the video to YouTube -- so that we can more directly see what's happening?

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    @tddavis got it right. The first will be set to Add, although to remove the window, rather than seeing just the window, you'll also Invert it. Then the next will be not Inverted, and you set it to Subtract and same for the others.

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    i cant seem to install the screen shot on here...

    there is no blend mode under the mask.......

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    It's to the right of the mask. There is the invert/normal dot , then it says Add. Click that to change it. 

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    can u see the link I put in, ???


    if I do  the invert thing it just removes the other mask,,,,the above pic is just 2 masks, I want 4...

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     Ok, with Hitfilm the first mask HAS to be in ADD mode. An area has to be ADDED in before you can start SUBTRACTING from it.

    So, Draw a great big mask that covers the entire frame (and beyond) for your first mask. This "ADDS" in the entire video.

    Now draw in your masks for each pane and set them  all to SUBTRACT.

    This is a tripod shot, right? If the camera is moving there might be smarter ways to go about removing the windows. With the masking tool you'd have to hand-animate the movments.


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    ahhh great, ill try this now...

    ty very much all of you :)

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