Sudden drop in render and use speed

xboxer214 Website User Posts: 1

So recently Hitfilm has been running super slow on my laptop, freezing after clicking on certain things, and render speed has slowed down so much, I used to be able to render a few minute long video in at most a minute, now it has taken over 40 minutes to render a video 20 seconds long

My laptop is a Samsung 300E5EV/300E4EV/270E5EV/270E4EV/2470EV/2470EE

Processor: i5-3230M

Ram: 12 Gb

Graphics:Intel HD 4000

2048Mb ATI AMD Radon HD 8600/8700

I know my specs are enough because it used to run super smooth, anyone have any idea what could be causing it to slow down so much?

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