How to set up Fast-attack & Slow-decay using the audio visualizer

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Analog VU meters (for those of us who remember them) were a pleasure to watch.  

I would like to imitate the fast-attack slow-decay in the audio visualizer. The client wants a single circle that responds to sound.    If, for example, the circle is 100 pixels in diameter, a sound like a single drum beat would make the diameter expand to 150 pixels, then slowly return back to 100 pixels -- similar to the motion of the VU meters linked above.  

I'm having a hard time creating such an appearance and behavior using  the audio visualizer.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Davlon I think you'll need to edit your audio in an external editor. Audio effects are driven by the audio wave and drums are very quick attack with a quick falloff. To change how the visualizer responds to the audio you have to change the audio wave. 

    You'll probably need massive compression on the drum to slow the release. Or you'll have to find a different sound to cheat the animation. Something like those deep synth bass "BWAAAAAaaahhh" sounds used in every trailer. 

  • Davlon
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    Okay, I hear that.  At this point my concern is not so much about how to handle the audio.  I'm baffled how to make the audio visualizer and/or particle simulator produce the desired effect.  This is just for a video demo of a proposed piece of software, so I can keyframe the look and use the value graph to get an attack-decay behavior that I can place for every loud sound.  But really, I'm hoping Hitfilm can be configured to do this so we can watch it happen in real time.  So I'm looking for suggestions  and settings for the  audio visualizer/particles.

    BTW, again, bravo on your videos -- your tut on the Hitfilm camera behavior was clear, precise and very much appreciated.

    Let me ask you a question on a different but related topic.  How are you getting your smarts for your ultra-clear explainers?   Do you have a direct line to the developers?  If so, please tell them that their online instructions in the help file for the audio visualizer and the particle effect are simply not sufficient.  Even Javert, in his tutorial said "you have to play with the adjustments to see what they do" or similar.  If even Javert Spielberg can't figure it out, the documentation is clearly lacking.


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