Export section crashes program after update

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Hi Guys, 

I did the latest update today and finished editing a video for youtube. when I went to export the video file, the export section of the application freezes everything. even if i don't load any file and go to the export queue, it still freezes. This is only since the latest update. I have tried repairing, reinstalling but the issue still remains. any ideas what I can do to fix this, as I haven't been able to post my youtube video today. 




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    Ok, to anyone who hasn't found a resolution to this, it seems to be related to a similar post i spotted on here with nvidia cards. when editing, work away with the nvidia card, but when it comes to the export, search for hitfilm in the start menu, right click and open file location. Then in the folder right click on the icon and in 'run with graphics processor' select integrated graphics. this should work around it temporarily, rather than having to roll back drivers - which is proving problematic on my system :)

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