sony vegas

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one thing I will say ill never use sony vegas again for anything

because its a nightmare something that should have been a pleasure was so stressful, simply because its a dreadfull software

editor sony should throw in the towel on this one


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    And what issues are you having, and which version are you on. I've literally used Vegas since v1 in 1999 and rarely have major issues, except version 12, which was terrible. 

    You'll be glad to know Sony threw in the towel. Vegas has been owned by Magix for two years. Magix released version 14 with version 15 coming out in August. 

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    edited July 2017

    yes I  knew this ,I have version 14, I had sony vegas since pro 10

    audio, is always an issue , changing effects, can be frustrating as once its on in this version it doesn't come off till I close the programme, crashes sometimes

     saying there is no licence ,found ,I had to edit my movie again due to overlapping on every scene I edited together, even though it was switched off,this latest version from Magix is the worse yet but hitfilm has been great I have to say and ive done all my effects in that software


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