Hitfilm 2 Ultimate Trial Install Issues

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I have installed the trial on 2 of my Macs. They both fail to load and when I do get something to appear it is an error message stating "No textures were loaded because they were not found at the expected location. Please run setup to repair the installation."
I have reinstalled and rerun on both computers several times.
I even went to "Library ---> Application Support ---> FXhome ---> and deleted the folder HitFilm 2 Ultimate"
I select "try" when I do get a screen, and it hangs up and crashes after going through "Home -----> New Project", "Project -----> Start Editing"
The first computer is a Mac Pro with the following setup:
2 x 2.26Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon
20gb Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512mb
OS X 10.9
The second computer is a MacBook Pro with the following setup:
2.7Ghz Intel Core i7
16gb Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024mb
OS X 10.9
All of my OSX updates, video drivers (Cuda 5.5.28), and software updates are current on both machines.
I would love to purchase the program before the $299 sale ends, but will be unable to if I can't get this up and running. Please advise...


  • Robin
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    Sounds like HitFilm is having trouble accessing folders it needs to work. I'm no Mac guy so I can only guess here, but is it possible that you're logged in as a user with limited rights, which therefore prevents HitFilm from accessing those locations? If possible, try to install and start HitFilm as an admin user.
  • No, I am the only user and am the default admin on both computers
  • Robin
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    Well then I guess we'll have to see if any May user can help out here.
  • Ok I got it to work, but I had to jump through some hoops.
    I submitted a ticket to Tech Support and they told me to create a new user and log into that account and try the program... I did and it worked, but I didn't like that work flow (of switching users back and fourth) and am the only one to use this computer.
    This is what I did:
    (I will refer to the two user accounts as "Admin" for me, and "Standard" for the one I created)
    First I logged into Admin and went to Standard-> Library and saw that it was locked.
    I copied the Library directory to a spare hard drive 
    Then I went into the copied Library Folder and navigated to Application Support -> FXhome -> Hitfilm 2 Ultimate
    I pulled the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate folder into my Admin -> Library -> Application Support -> FXhome directory and overwrote the contents of the folder.
    Doing it this way adjusted the permissions of the folders, subfolders and files. It also copied any hidden files that might be lurking in the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate folder.
    Once that was done, it took a while to load at first, but I closed the program and restarted it. Now the program loads quickly and I haven't had any issues.
    In hindsight, I probably could have logged into Standard, navigated to Library -> Application Support -> FXhome and burned a CD with the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate directory (Or even compressed the directory and put it into a shared user directory, USB Drive, or my Dropbox account).
    Then logged into Admin, retrieved the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate directory, and overwrote the empty one in the Admin -> Library -> Application Support -> FXhome location. 
    Hope these steps made sense...
  • SimonKJones
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    Sounds like it was indeed a permissions issue as Robin suspected, though it is odd that your admin user had its permissions confused. Glad you got it up and running in the end!