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Got a video scene I need to shoot that will use in-game footage (from Eve Online) and since I have no way currently to animate in-game avatars this leaves me using a couple live actors to put in this scene.

I have the bonus that Eve has really good world graphics but not so good that you can't tell it isn't real.

I plan to use color grading/correction to make the game scene and live actors merge as best as possible but my question is am I setting myself up for failure trying to combine live with in-game footage?


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    You have a couple of extra tools in Pro vs Express to make this easier, but you should, more than likely, be able to pull this off. 

    I'm not familiar with EVE Online in-game. Is the Avatar basically a HUD pop up, or more of a fully animated character? HUD popup is easy. Animated character is harder. For grading, if you're in Express, consider the Repair Pack add on. The Pro Skin Retouch filter can be overcranked to give a "Plastic" look that can help make an actor look CG. Otherwise, if you're doing head replacement the most important thing is matching lighting direction and intensity. Colors can be graded, but if shadows are wrong, there's nothing you can do. 

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    I upgraded to Pro 2017 during the sale.

    It's the character avatars (full body) I wish I could animate and probably can once I get a chance to figure out how to work with 3d models in blender and HFP.

    Your comments give me hope this merger of live actors and game footage won't (hopefully) look utterly horrible.

    Edit:  If it turns out better than I hope I may just default to this approach for future projects.

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