does Hitfilm 2 ultimate work with Sony movie studio platinum 12 like express version?

I was looking at the Sony Movie Maker Platinum Visual Studio product that comes with Hitfilm 2 Express and discovered that it doesn't come with chroma key effect which I need.  If I purchase Movie Maker Deluxe 12 stand alone and then purchase the full Hitfilm 2 Ultimate will the integration be the same as the combine express version that come with their Visual Studio product?
I do not have the budget to spend on $1000 video editing software and the visual studio product from sony seems great but I need some of the features from the full version of Hitfilm 2.  Is this a good workable option or should I look at something else?
I actually currently have Adobe Creative Cloud which comes with Premiere and After Effects but the hell if I can figure out those software in 15 minutes which I can do with Sony movie maker. 
Thanks for your responses.


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    To be clear, HitFilm 2 Express does come with tools for greenscreen removal, including the Color Difference Key, and a Hue & RGB Key.  So if that is your concern, then rest assured that you can get god results keying out green screens with HitFilm 2 Express.
    But in answer to your question, yes, HitFilm 2 Ultimate will integrate with Vegas in the exact same manner as HitFilm 2 Express.  Just make sure Vegas is already installed before running the Hitfilm installer, and you will be good to go.
  • Thank you for your response Axel.
    I was trying the Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Visual Effects trial and testing out the software before buying and I do see the parts you are talking about but I can't get it to work worth anything.  In the downloadable manual it specifically states that chroma key effect is ONLY inlcuded in the ultimate version but it has the RGB and Color difference which seems to me to be after you do the keying use these to fine tune.  I haven't been able to do keying except for some effects but not at all like in Movie Maker.
    I don't have Vegas and I don't have the PRO version, can't afford it and not sure I want it if I could.
    I have Sony Movie Maker Studio 8 and can chroma key goodish with that but I need effects capability not included with Movie Maker of any version so was looking at Hitfilm 2.
    If you have a tutorial you can point me to that shows how to do keying in Hitflim 2 express please point me to it because I can't figure it out.  The only video I see on youtube is for UItimate and it has the Keying tool that is not part of Express.
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    This video was created with Ultimate, but uses the tools that are also in Express.
  • Axel, you are Awesome!
    Everytime I watch one of these video's, you show a feature that is ONLY in Ultimate which I need because trying to do similar types of thing just in the video editor is.. well it works, sort of but not anywhere close to what you are showing with a few adjustments of a slider or two.
  • Movie studio platinum 12 has some keying functionality built in as well. Go to the ( Video FX ) tab and in the effects list you will find Chroma keyer. Hope this helps
  • Movie studio platinum 12 has some keying functionality built in as well. Go to the ( Video FX ) tab and in the effects list you will find Chroma keyer. Hope this helps

    Yes, that is what I have been using but it is tricky and takes a lot of time if your green screen isn't lit up well and you don't want to take the time to setup lighting and monkey around with things. I need more control than the tools in Sony studio.  I have Studio 8 and to be honest with you there is no difference between 8 and 12 from what I can see other than 12 has a few more extra effects and is 64 bit.
    I did end up purchasing Sony Imagination Studio 4, it is or was on sale at Amazon and Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.
    I did two quick tests on a purposely extremely poorly lit and major wrinkled green screen. My green screen is green fabric I purchased at a fabric store and I made a frame to attach it too.
    First test was in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.  Took me less than 5 minutes to get a consistent key across two seperate video shots, without really doing much with sliders or  anything.  Key needs work but I just wanted to see with very minimal setting changes what can be done quickly.
    Then I used the same footage in Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12, it took me 20+ minutes of playing with color settings, color balance, white balance and the key color to get a sort of consistant key. I have spent HOURS before just on consistent and natural look as possible with chroma keying. Even reshooting shots with light adjustments to make the keying work better.
    This week I am actually going to be purchasing professional lighting and probably an actual green screen and use what I have built here as additional support when needed.
    5 minutes with Hitfilm 2 Ultimate vs 20+ and not even close to the result in Sony Movie Studio, with an EXTREMELY poorly setup and lit green screen.  Anyone can make a key work when conditions are just right but when they totally suck that is what I want to see what can be done.  HitFilm 2 Ultimate won that challenge.
    I really like the integration between Movie Studio and Hitfilm 2, so easy.  I did choose the Ultimate after playing around with the Trial of Express and Ultimate as well as watching the tutorials where some of the Ultimate only features I could instantly use in projects.
    Thanks for your response.

  • Good news!
    I have imagination studio 4 also. I thought from your post you may have been new to Movie Studio. It's keyer doesent hold a candle when compared to Hitfilm. I don't know your budget but I have seen some inexpensive backdrop kits that come with stands nd basic lights. I have been thinking about purchasing one from Amazon.
    Hope you have good success with your new setup.
  • On the site where it talks about Sony Vegas Pro integration I think it would be good if you note that it also works with the Sony Movie Studio Platinum version as well otherwise people think that it only works with the PRO version which many people either can't afford or choose something else.  It was a concern for me when deciding to purchase and the Trial for hitfilm2 does not work round trip without activation so I couldn't really tell how well it would work before purchasing.  Just a suggestion but worth noting I think.