Pricing question for the Thanks giving 2013 deal listed on the site

I wondered if anyone could clear up something for me.
On the front of the site they show that there is a thanks giving discount going on for $100 off HitFilm 2.
On the comparison chart it shows the full price of the product is $299.
On Amazon and other retailer sites the price for hitfilm 2 is $299.
I contacted support to ask them and they said that the thanks giving discount price is listed on the site which is $299.
The question I have is number 1 are they trying to scam me into thinking there is a discount when there isn't OR is the final price actually $299 after the discount and every other retailer and reseller is selling it for $299 and FXhome sells it directly for $399?
To me the price after the current $100 discount should be $199.  It doesn't add up to me.
I contacted support and they said the price listed is the current price.  Red flags are going off for me, I don't get it, if everywhere it says $299 and the site says 100.00 off but then says the price is the same as full price my spidy sense is going off and I smell scam.
I am confused...


  • I got confirmation from Misty in customer support that the regular price is $399 on the website.
    From what I see doing a simple google search many retailers and resellers are selling it for $299 including amazon so I will just purchase from Amazon instead of direct.
    What had me confused was the regular price is not listed on the site at least during this "deal" going on now, and in the comparison chart it shows the full price as $299.  That is why when i saw $100 off I thought ok, $199 but NO that is not the case according to Misty.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    Hey there!  I'm not sure what is up with the comparison sheet, and I think that page should reflect the actual price rather than the current price.  I'm looking into getting that sorted out now.
    As far as the pricing on Amazon, I think you'll find that when you look at who is providing the software on Amazon, it is us, and thus the reason that the price listed there is $299 is because we have the software on sale right now.
  • I ended up purchasing HitFilm 2 Ultimate mainly due to your tutorials where you show the difference in features and what can be done between Ultimate and Express versions.  I just don't want to keep running into the feature limitations wall and for once use something that has some power that I can use.
    Thanks Axel.