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Hey Guys!

I recently posted one of our quickest, dirtiest and easiest films that we made called "Dirt Fight." After that, I decided that I wanted to go a more story driven route for our next short film. This is "Day Of Reckoning." We spent a day rehearsing to clear up any problems with dialogue and story. It took about a week to edit, and another three days to polish.

Let me know what you guys thought about it, any and all constructive criticism is welcome! Also, check out our YouTube channel for more of our work and sub if you want to help us reach our 100 sub goal! Keep on filming!

Day Of Reckoning:


Fusion Five Films:



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    Ok. I'll be 64.

    So... I was NOT expecting that twist. I think the opening conversation goes on a little too long, and the closing conversation needed to be a bit longer, but I applaud the team for taking the story in the direction it went. 

    Technically it's well shot and well edited. Good on you for keeping camera moves minimal and focused and not just keeping a moving camera to be "cool." Audio has issues in a couple of places, but I'll assume you had something like a Rode Videomic on-camera. No matter how good a mic is, once it's more than six feet away it's gonna cause issues. The cut at 3:19 isn't working for me. The change of sun direction indicates a different location, but the similar angles, and the fact that you started to pan your actor back into frame before the cut hurt it. Oddly enough the more framing changes on a cut the smoother it is. 

    Overall, good work! Keep going!

    Finally, I'm gonna tag @Yeremyah

    Yeremyah without giving spoilers you've occasionally said to others you'd like to see a certain type of story and message--I think you'll appreciate how this one plays out in the end. 

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    @Triem23 Wow! Thanks for the awesome feedback! This made my night!

    I agree with what you pointed out, especially about the cut at 3:19.  As a matter of fact, we did use a Rode VideoMic at the very beginning because the other two lavalier mics died.  But for the rest of the film, we shot with Rode Wireless Lav mics into a Zoom H4n.  Audio over video is absolutely essential in my honest opinion. 

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    Thanks @Triem23 for the tag.

    @FusionFiveFilms I was moved by this short film.  Most videos are filled with immorality and violence, it's such a breath of fresh air to see something with a meaningful story and lesson.

    There can be many different reasons why someone is a bully or mean to others.  It's never excusable but can be understood with the right empathy.  Many people are treated badly all their life, unloved, abused even at home, put down, have all their self-worth and self-esteem stripped away, and sadly many times they then become angry and frustrated inside and lash out on others, but at the same time feeling sick about being the person they have become and sometimes leads to feelings of worthlessness with a suicide ending.

    Well done, good story and so nice ending instead of always being bombarded with a violent ending.  Forgiveness and empathy are a beautiful thing.  I felt this in your video.

    All the best ;)

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    @Yeremyah I wholeheartedly agree, we recently decided to start tackling issues and subjects that are more relatable and realistic to an audience. Even though most people love the brutal action short films and whatnot. We wanted to create something to make them feel, happy, sad, scared, etc. Hopefully we will continue to get better at not only the film process but compacting the story to where you really feel like you're there with the characters. Thanks!  

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    @FusionFiveFilms Remember though that millions love to watch a video that contains a moral or ethical lesson, for example, there are videos on youtube that have been watched millions of times, and they don't contain violence in some of the ways a lot of videos do.

    For example:

    All the best with your future projects :)

  • Hudson982Hudson982 Website User Posts: 19

    Not bad. Fight scenes are bit slow

  • FusionFiveFilmsFusionFiveFilms Website User Posts: 63

    @Yeremyah That is very true, and I have seen many videos like this on YouTube and Facebook which gave me the inspiration to start tackling moral and ethical subjects in short films. The short you posted is one of my favorites because of how short it is but how big it feels both production wise and story wise. Thanks!   

  • OliThompsonOliThompson Staff Administrator, Website User Posts: 140 Staff

    @FusionFiveFilmsGreat video and powerful message. I enjoyed your use of sound to build and defuse the tension. Please keep it up and continue sharing :)

  • FusionFiveFilmsFusionFiveFilms Website User Posts: 63

    @OliThompson Thanks! We definitely will! 


  • Film_EmpireFilm_Empire Website User, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 178


    Very nice addition to my relaxed evening. I have a lot of things and I'm not sure if they've been said before, so here goes nothin'.

    Great Stuff:

    • Good framing
    • Good grading  (especially the outside shots)
    • Good dialogue cutaways
    • I liked the end dialogue a lot
    • Good use of background music in the first scene
    • I liked the flares at 3:00
    • Awesome grading at 3:32
    • I liked the gun folley sfx
    • Good reaction at 5:11, it feels natural

    Things that could be better:

    • First few sentences of the openings scene were too soft, and there were some audio issues in the first scene
    • The grading on the guy with the blue shirt feels a but off, like at 0:56. Not sure why though.
    • The footage in the first shot was a bit blurry.
    • There's an audio sync issue at the 2:11 shot, very subtle but I noticed it...
    • The gun feels too light. He moves it too easy.

    Anyways, I really liked it. Keep up the good work.

    @Triem23 , I agree with the things you said! The cut at 3:19 feels off ;-)

  • FusionFiveFilmsFusionFiveFilms Website User Posts: 63

    @FilmEmpire Thanks for the list and glad you liked it! 

  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,038 Ambassador

    @FusionFiveFilms I think all of the crits have been covered by others, so I'll just add my KUDOS for making such a great short!  The pacing really worked well, and the performances were very good.  You can tell it was rehearsed just enough, but not too much.  There was a great sense of honesty in all the performances, which might have been killed by over-rehearsing.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from you!

  • FusionFiveFilmsFusionFiveFilms Website User Posts: 63

    @jsbarrett Thanks! Yes the actors insisted on rehearsing a few times so we could get the kinks and knots out of the more dramatic dialogue parts. 

  • YeremyahYeremyah Website User Posts: 1,000 Enthusiast
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    That's great @FusionFiveFilms , I am happy to know you :)  Look forward to seeing your future stuff. The world needs more producers who produce more loving, moral and ethical messages, well done!

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    @Yeremyah Thanks! We were amazed at the overwhelming positive feedback from the HitFilm community and will definitely be posting here as soon as we release another short film.  

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