First movie attempt, using Destiny Xbox footage

RadionotmeRadionotme Website User Posts: 10

Hi all, this is my first attempt at playing with composites, zoom, pan etc.

I was originally just after a simple editor I could use, similar to the Upload Studio app on the Xbox, when I came across reviews of hitfilm. I have to say I'm amazed and impressed that this software is offered for free, especially with the huge wealth of tutorials on offer.

This first video is very rough around the edges, as I'm just exploring, but the aim is to be able to help my son start creating content for a YouTube channel, and from what I've seen so far, this will do the job and then some.


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    Welcome to the fun!  As you didn't ask for feedback (and admit that it's rough around the edges), I'll largely refrain.  However, I do want to point out an issue with the audio.  The thunder booms that you added are a bit too loud (especially in headphones).  Open the meters panel in HitFilm and you'll see that the level goes above the 0 (zero) mark during those parts, which means it's clipping (distorting) the audio.  All audio peaks should be kept below zero, preferably going no higher than around -3 for a comfortable level.

  • Hudson982Hudson982 Website User Posts: 19

    Nice try. Good gaming movie.

  • RadionotmeRadionotme Website User Posts: 10

    Hi, and thanks for the feedback, any criticism is welcomed, it'll only help me improve!

    I'll caveat that though, with this clip never actually being taken with the intention of editing and posting, it was just an amusing thing that happened in game, and I was able to use the auto-record feature of the Xbox to grab the last 30 seconds. As such, that means that the whipping around to see everyone is coincidental, and far too fast to be useful. As a result, my slow-mo is far too jerky.
    What I would have been better doing (and I've done in my most recent video) would be to pause and highlight the other players instead, running the rest of the video at something closer to half-speed instead of the jerky almost stop-motion effect I've got going on here.
    Great point on the audio though, I'd not even realised that was there, so I'll be looking out for it on future videos!

    I've posted my more recent video in a new thread, and would love to hear any criticism on that one.

    Thanks again!

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