How to set the length of a single frame?

for my projects I render the single frames at a 3D software and import it as image sequence. In the past I used an other video software where I was able to set the length of a single frame to get a pause, for example for 3 seconds. How can I do it at Hitfilm?


  • Triem23
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    I don't think Hitfilm lets you insert frame rate changes on image import. You could put a speed effect on the imported media, and keyframe--set speed to 0 for a pause.
  • I tried it, but I miss a visual feedback at the time line, the clip object isn't stretched. My workaround is to cut the movie and insert an extra imported frame image.The image object can be easy stretched at the time line. My hope was to find this function for frames too - Magic video deluxe do it this way.
    Thank you for your hint,