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Hey HitFilm community, I am in the pre-production process of a short film that involves a boy and his small, spherical robot friend. We are planning on building the bot, instead of using a 3D model, so that it can be held by the actor. My question is, how would I go about getting the bot to hover above the ground using HitFilm? I'm sure it is a very simple technique but this is my first time doing something of this nature and wanted to make sure it is as realistic looking as possible.

Thanks for any suggestions and replies! 


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    @FusionFiveFilms  The quick and easy method is to shoot the robot hovering scenes against a "green" screen and key out the color.  A tight close up of hands picking it up while hovering (if you have a shot like that) against the green screen can cut to a full shot without the screen fairly easy.  The only other way I know of requires tons of hand drawn masks and such...  Good luck to you and hope I gave you some useful hints.

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    Rody Polis (CEO Action VFX)  in his short film Angel floated a I-phone using old school mono filament fishing line.  There is a Hitfilm Tutorial by  inscape digital  related to removing wires.  



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    Hey BobDiMarzio , thanks for your tips it ws usefull for me as well... sitting home doing nothing (except taking ansomone) because of trauma it is really helpful to read such posts.

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